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Be part of TSM's wave of success: Board nominations close May 15

Dear TSM Families,

Over the past two weekends, I was lucky enough to attend not one but two swim meets. I met wonderful new TSM families and I witnessed great things. From morning yoga with Mo (affectionately known as Moga) in Ventura to spectacular Final swims in La Mirada, TSM swimmers and coaches at all levels of our competitive program were all at their very best! Too many great swims and smiles to count. This, following a succesful trip by the largest ever group of TSM swimmers to the Olympic Training Center over spring break, TSM is stronger than ever, and growing stronger every day.

And, this just in: Raphael reports that our Swimathon fundraiser ranked 6th in the USA for large clubs. That’s pretty amazing! We received $29,241 in donations with an average of $254 per swimmer, which is 3rd overall in the US! Looking more closely at the trends, we had 115 swimmers receive donations from 283 donors, up from last year when we had 97 swimmers receive money from 235 donors. Remember, these funds support coach training and salaries, lane fees, and scholarships for swimmer families in need of financial assistance.TSM swimmers, coaches and families this year are joining to form an ever rising tide of success!

Now, who's ready to get a little closer to the curl and ride this wave into the future?

Nominations for board positions soon close (May 15). This year we have two open positions, each with 3-year terms beginning on September 1. Election by electronic ballot will follow, and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on June 26. If you would like to nominate someone, or be considered as a candidate yourself, please reach out to any current board member including me ( and your interest will be forwarded to the Election Committee.

Board members are active members in good standing with TSM. They play a role on team policy and often act as a liaison between the parent body and the Board.  Most importantly board members are Moms and Dads just like you who care about the future of the program. Check out the TSM website to see short bios and contact information of the current board members ( under “Coaches”, upper left hand corner). Feel free to reach out to any board member. We welcome any inquiry and would enjoy chatting with you about the process and what the commitment entails.

See you at the pool!


Water Safe, Water STRONG. Go TSM!!