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Swimfo April 28th!



The season is in full swing and we have worked hard and had some great new experiences.  We’re continuously looking to create the best team environment.  We love the “Changing the Game Project” organization and these dynamic thinkers constantly bring insight into building positive team cultures and empowering exceptional athletes.  Please take the time to read through this blog post and please hold us accountable to making these pieces a part of our program.  Each component: enjoyment, developing competence, nurturing confidence, building connections, giving autonomy, providing time off, and intentional character development are all pieces we believe in cultivating on OCST!  It’s invaluable for you to look over these and reflect on how you can help add to these as a parent!  Thanks for all your time and support.

Important information:

  1. I forgot that we weren’t supposed to upload any meet fees after the 24th of the month.  For those going to the Thunderbolt meet I already uploaded the meet fees.  If this is an issue, email me and I’ll pull them off for the first of the month, and then put them back on afterwards.  Thanks for your patience.
  2. Swim-A-Thon is up and rolling!  We are almost halfway to our goal.  It’s really important that everyone participates and does their best.  The Swim-A-Thon contributes a significant chunk to our teams budget and even helps us bring in additional resources for the team.  There are some very cool gifts like the one of a kind FINZON T-Shirt and Cap.  As well as being able to throw a pie into the face of the swim coach!
  3. We’re looking for some people to join the swim team banquet committee.  The swim team banquet will be on August 9th.  It takes a lot of work to put together a good banquet and there are a lot of different jobs.  Email the Dawn Colvin the team’s Vice President at to join the banquet committee.
  4. We need everyone’s help with keeping the pool clean.  I think it’s only a few swimmers that leave a mess behind that are leaving a poor impression of the team with the pool staff but the coaches have talked with the guards about messes that Orca’s are leaving at the pool.  We’ll talk with the swimmers but I want to make sure we have your support as well.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns.

All the best!

Coach Matt