Dive Team 2018 Info.

Greetings from your PCC Diving Coaches!

We are so excited to see all of you and your children! We can’t wait to get started on another successful season of learning amazing dives and of course, HAVING SOME FUN! There will be a slight change this season. Coach Lisa will now step into the role as Head Coach. Not to worry! Coach Matt and Coach Jacob will be right there by her side!

All of you who were on the team last year will NOT need to come to Dive Evaluations on May 29th. You will begin practice on May 30 (5-6pm for 11 and over, 6-7pm for 10 and under). Make sure you bring lots of towels and a Shammy (if you have one).  We know how chilly it can be in those first couple weeks!

Morning practices begin June 11th! The following is the practice schedule:

8:45-9:45 10 and under

9:45-10:45 13 and over

10:45-11:45  11and 12s

We will have 6 dual meets this summer. In order for meets to run smoothly and so that the coaches can focus only on coaching, we will have a parent volunteer sign up for meet jobs. Each volunteer role will come with a description and no experience required! We will make sure you are prepared!

Meanwhile, start thinking sunshine and warmth! You can prepare for your season by doing those pike stretches and practicing your toe point every day!  See you all on the Board!

Coach Lisa, Matt and Jacob