WCSC Newsletter: Deadline tonight at midnight to order swimsuits/apparel & more

WCSC Parents and Swimmers,

TOP NEWS: TODAY is the Swimsuit/Gear/Apparel Ordering Deadline:  Don’t forget to place your order today! The order deadline for team swimsuits plus gear and apparel is at MIDNIGHT tonight, Sunday April 29th and the link to order is: https://squareup.com/store/moonwaves. This is a new vendor, for all the details of ordering, where the orders will go and how to personalize, please go to this updated website page on our website here: https://www.teamunify.com/NewsShow.jsp?returnPage=/News.jsp&id=612056&team=recwcscwcsc. Any questions, please contact Adrienne at apparel@walnutcreekswimclub.org.

A Note From The Coaches: Keep it up Swimmers! You are doing a great job!!

Note from Director regarding May 13th Time Trials: As you may have noted Time Trails are scheduled for Sunday May 13th, which is also Mother's Day. Due to scheduling and logistics this was the only day that worked for Time Trials this year. I apologize in advance to all the WCSC mothers. Warm-ups are scheduled from 8-8:30am. The meet with start promptly at 8:30am and we hope to wrap it up by 11:00am. Time Trials will take place at Larkey Pool. Time Trials are not mandatory so if you have other plans that is ok. Maybe it is a good opportunity for the Dads to take the kids to the meet and the Moms can have a quiet relaxing morning.  :)

May 9th Back to Pool Night: New this year, to help both returning and new families, we are having a "Back to Pool Night" for parents which will help answer a lot of the key questions about the swim season and timed to occur before our first swim meet!  "Back to Pool Night" will occur on Wednesday May 9th in the Oak View Room at the Walnut Creek Library at 6:30pm.

Volunteers Needed for Critical Swim Meet Positions:

  • Desk: We're looking for someone interested in working on the desk at a meet. This involves getting times from the timing system, checking against watch times, and scoring events.  If you're comfortable with computers and can multitask, then the desk is the job for you!  It's a lot like mission control, just with kids launching off the blocks, and you get a front-row seat :-)  Accurate 10-key, attention to detail, and a calm demeanor make you the perfect person for this critical position.  Contact desk@walnutcreekswimclub.org or directors@walnutcreekswimclub.org if interested.  This job will satisfy all family job requirements and training will be provided.
  • Stroke & Turn & Starting: We are getting close to the start of the 2018 swim meet season. In order to ensure that our meets run smoothly, I’m asking for volunteers for both Stroke & Turn and Starting duties.  This is a great opportunity to support the team by providing proper officiating, which will ultimately benefit our swimmers. Ideally, we need a team of 4-6 people who can commit to Stroke & Turn (S/T) and 1-2 people for starting and timing. This format will ensure that we have adequate coverage for all meets, while providing the best environment for fair competition.  Please feel free to contact either Jon (deck@walnutcreekswimclub.org), Patrick (directors@walnutcreekswimclub.org), Gita (jobs@walnutcreekswimclub.org), or Dustin if you are interested. Training will be provided for those people who need it.

Fundraising for the 2018 Season: WCSC has a team sponsorship program and we need your help in helping find sponsors. Having sponsors helps keeps the swim team more affordable for swim families. We have 3 levels of sponsorship: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Start networking....your dentist, favorite pizza joint, personal business, the sky is the limit! Sponsorship letter and tiers is here: https://www.teamunify.com/recwcscwcsc/__doc__/Walnut%20Creek%20Swim%20Club%20Sponsorship%20Letter%20and%20Tiers.docx. Contact Cherie at fundraising@walnutcreekswimclub.org with any questions!

April/May Calendar Highlights:

  • TODAY, Sunday, April 29th: Swimsuit/Gear/Apparel Order Deadline
  • Wednesday, May 9th: Back to Pool Night at 6:30pm
  • Sunday, May 13th: Time Trials from 8am to 11am

See you at the pool!