NEWS for Week of April 30th - May 5th

Big thanks to our Coaches for engaging and controlling our enthusiastic cheerleaders Friday night and to our Pizza/Cheer volunteers, especially leads Debra Sartell and Eliza Koeppel,  for helping to make the event a huge success!  Also, congratulations to swimmers, coaches and parent volunteers on a fantastic Time Trials!!  We have a few hiccups to address, but for the most part we rolled with the day the way really good waves do.  Many thanks to Yoon Kee for the most colorful and inviting Snack Bar line up ever and especially continuing to provide us with her vegan and oh so delicious "Rainbow Quinoa Salad".  Heaven in a cup!   

Results from Time Trials are posted; its already time to log meet declines and strokes for this Saturday's AWAY meet at Sleepy Hollow;  who's winning the practice group competition for the Lap-A-Thon fund raising efforts, and a note from Coach Marie!

A Note From Coach Marie

Please join the entire Tidalwave community in congratulating our unbelievably determined, Session #1 Terrific Twenty winners!

Swimmer Practice Group
Charlotte Blevins 8 & Under Blue
Alison Favaloro 8 & Under Blue
Riv Walters 8 & Under Blue
Kate Miller 8 & Under Blue
Gabby Grow 9-10 Gold
Alex Korusokov 9-10 Gold
Rebecca Duran 9-10 Gold
Ted Miller 9-10 Gold
Vivienne Fitzgerald 9-10 Gold
Emily Lemus 11 & Up
Aliyah San Andres 11 & Up

We are one week into Session #2.  Keep up the tremendous efforts, and with Spring Break out of the way, let's double or triple this sessions award winners!

Awesome!! Our spirited Waves delivered a crescendo of enthusiastic cheers at Pizza/Cheer night.  Thanks to everyone who joined the 2018 Wave Into our Season!  That wave was felt into Time Trials on Saturday!  We were all rocked by the incredible number of personal best times and stroke improvements achieved by everyone.  Tidalwave swimmers earned high 5's from the entire coaching staff for their hard work in improving stroke technique, starts, and turns.  We will continue to emphasize technique as we begin to transition our more experienced swimmers into a more speed based, practice focus.  Our really seasoned swimmers LOVE TO HATE, our Medley Mondays!  Our younger swimmers will, hopefully, enjoy more Breast and Fly technique work.  Let's bring our Tidalwave ROAR to Sleepy Hollow this Saturday and Rock and Roll the mighty Sea Lions!  


How Do We Find Out the Results from the Saturday Swim Meet?

You can find the final results from all meets this season, including Saturday's Time Trials, posted on the website.  Click here to go to the Swim Meets> Results tab.  While results are usually posted by Sunday evening, there will always be a link to the results in Monday's Weekly News, if your weekend gets away from you.

What Do The Results Mean?

The results of Time Trials are a starting point for each swimmer to watch their progress throughout the season.  Our seasoned swimmers are probably already setting their goals for the season; everything from chasing All Star times, improving flip turns, moving into a faster heat, learning another stroke, or trying to be the best in the league!  The newer swimmers (and parents) are probably just looking forward to going into the next meet understanding how it all works.  Whatever the swimmers' goals, this part of the season will be fun and challenging for each and everyone of us.  

Remember a heat 6, 7 year old swimmer has as much chance of becoming a 13 year old All Star swimmer as a heat 1, 8 year old does.  It's all about practice (coaches recommend 3-4 days a week for a swimmer to get the most out of the season), commitment, keeping it fun, and having a great deal of patience.  For more on the developmental process in swimming, please click here to see our fabulous Parent Ed articles.     

Sleepy Hollow Meet- May 5th: Time to Log Stroke Choices and Meet Declines!

Nothing like starting off the dual meet season with an AWAY meet.  After putting on our "Trial" show, we get to see how another, um, bigger team with umm, a much smaller pool, does things.  Be prepared for a lot less setup space and a 6 lane pool.  More on meet day logistics will be in Thursday's e-mail, but for now we need to take care of logging stroke choices and/or logging any meet declines or late arrival/early departure notes for our meet preparers.  The deadline for this is Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:00 am.   We did a great job on this last week, and now we need to do it again!  Please remember that as this will be a dual meet there will be relays at the beginning and end of the meet.   

Relay spots are determined by coaches (and the computer) based on fastest times--if your swimmer is in the top 12 fastest times for freestyle, or the top 6 fastest times in any of the other strokes, s/he is likely a relay candidate.  We ask that parents see this as an honor for their swimmers, and help support their participation by staying for the free relay at the end of the meet, or being there for the medley relay at the beginning of the meet.  If your swimmer can't be there, leaving notes for late arrivals and early departures is vital for creating viable relay teams.  We know that parents often underestimate their swimmer's speed and are taken off guard when they see their child has made a relay can happen at any time!  Please let us know if your child will not be available.  It is very disappointing for the kids who stay for the free relay and then can't swim because someone went home early.

Lap-A-Thon Update:  Let the Fund Raising Continue, with More Participants, Please!

We're at 14% of our $15,000 goal and we really only started gathering pleges a week ago!  Now that is TEAM spirit!  Thank you to all who have started the fundraising effort for our team!

Our first winners of a pizza party (the practice group with the most pledges leading up to our Pizza/Cheer night).....DRUM ROLL....are the Redwood 8 & Under Blue group!  Way to go!!  Your pizza party will be held at practice on Tuesday this week...that's TOMORROW!  Be there to enjoy!

And to continue the friendly practice group competition...The practice group with the greatest number of participants this week and next will ALSO earn a pizza party!  So, from April 30th - May 13th, we will be looking for the practice group with the most participants having pledges!!  Remember our team goal is 99% participation, even if you can't swim on May 14th, we still need your help raising funds!

Goo Waves!