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Orca Swim-a-Thon

What a day on Saturday!! 

Thank you to all fundraisers and participants for making the Swim-a-thon a successful event.  As of Saturday Morning we had already surpassed our $10,000 fundraising goal!!!   Thank you to all involved. 

More Swim-a-thon stories to follow.

But first:

1. If you missed the swim-a-thon, the make up day is: Thursday May 3rd 4:30-6:30.  Bring a parent to count laps and snacks and water bottle. 

2. The fundraising site will remain open until Saturday May 12th, 11:59PM.  The leader board keeps changing from FlyGirl to Kunkanator, and Golden Gordon not too far behind.  And most impressive is all the swimmers who have achieved the various fundraising prize categories and will receive cool Orca swag at....

3. Fundraising Gifts and Top 3 Fundraising Prizes: will be awarded and handed out at the club banquet on Friday June 8th. 

4. I-Can-Swim Report Cards: Coaches were handing out ICS report cards at the event.  If you missed getting yours, coach Jane will be at the pool from 4:00-5:00 on Tues and Thur this week. 



It was a party at the pool on Saturday afternoon. It started out with over forty nervous/excited/franti I-Can-Swim swimmers ready to swim as many lengths they could in 30 minutes.  After the swimmers warmed up with activation and the parents received their instructions and counting lessons, the bell rang and one-by-one the young athletes began in organized manner, swimming up the right side of the rope in big circle laps (I'm still trying to teach the Master swimmers to do this!) 

For the most part, the swimmers kept their formations and avoided collisions (I only saw one head-to-head collision, but I'm sure there were more) swimming on their front, back, side, and even making up strokes I'd never seen before, but in the end they all managed to keep moving for 30 minutes!!!

 The young swimmers in Stage 1 aged 5-8 swam between 22-31 lengths.  The swimmers in stage 2 and 3 were between 28-45+ lengths.   When the bell rang marking the 30 minute mark, the stage 4 swimmers kept swimming.  Sarah, Thea, Finley and Maggie all managed to complete 120 lengths in under one hour.


The Regional swimmers began their challenge of 200 lengths (5km) in 2 hours or less.  All swimmers who started at 4:30 completed their 200 lengths before the 6:30 deadline!  Arlo Kast was the first to finish in 1H07, and at age 9, Taryn and Payton  were the youngest to complete the 5KM distance.  For a couple swimmers, Casey, Dezi, Emily, 5km wasn't enough so they cooled down by swimming a few more lengths.

The party continued with pizza, snacks, draw prizes, and a photo booth all set up in the lobby.  A BIG thank you to Linnea McDermid and the social committee for organizing all the decor and prizes, to the Orca board for providing the pizza and to all the parents who brought snacks to share.

And finally a big thank you to all the participants and fundraisers.  We had never reached our fundraising team goal before the actual event and usually required the week after the event to make it.  Not this time!  We had reached our goal by Saturday morning. 

For some of you the Swim-a-thon marks an end to the season (ICS Stage 1,2,3) for others it marks the beginning of the LC and Championship swimming.  Either way it was exciting to celebrate the sport in such a fun way!

Orca Coaching Staff