WFYD Check-Ins

Good Afternoon!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! In lieu of a typical Monday afternoon rundown for the week ahead, I have one very important item for you all. 

Moving forward there will be a new policy regarding parent/guardian check-ins for all YMCA programs. Typically, parents are asked to sign in on the clipboard at the front desk if they are dropping their child off for a program and they are not a YMCA member. This can cause chaos at the front desk with the high volume of swimmers we have on our team, so Jerry (Member Services Coordinator) and I have come up with another solution- scan tags. Linked here you will find a letter from Jerry describing the issue, our solution, and how we will go about implementing that solution. I have provided Jerry and his team with preliminary information from the team website (the stuff that is in your member profile).

If you have any questions please either let me or Jerry ( know. As a note, we will not be doing this with all programs, but we have so many people who walk in and out of the building during practices this is our best solution based on our demographics.

A typical rundown email will be out tomorrow with any practice changes, updates, and results from our two fundraisers over the weekend. 

Thanks! Coach Alex