Bolles May Meet Information (Individual Entries, Psych Sheet, Heat Sheet, Warm)

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Bolles May Meet Information



May 4-6, 2018



Bolles School

7400 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL


Parking on Saturday will be tight at Bolles.  They have requested that vistors park around the lower school and on the softball field.


Heat Sheet

Have a copy of the heat sheet with you!  You can download a copy CLICK HERE and print your sessions or bring a digital copy.  A copy is also posted on our event page.



Please be sure that you have looked over your individual entries and know which sessions you are scheduled to swim in (you can also look at the psych/heat sheet).


Team Apparel

As always, if your swimmer elects to wear a cap it MUST be a Storm Swim Club team cap.



Friday - Navy

Saturday - Yellow

Sunday - Royal


Warm Ups


Friday PM (All Ages) - 3:30pm


Saturday AM (13&Older) - 7:50am

Saturday PM (12&Under) - 11:50am

Saturday EVE (13&Older) - 4:00pm


Sunday AM (Distance Only) - Rolling Warm Up (See Below)

**All distance swimmers need their own timer and counter (400s only timer)**

Events will alternate one heat of girls, one heat of boys.  

All of the below times are roughly 1hr before the event is scheduled to swim.

400 Free - 8:00am

800 Free - 9:50am

1500 Free - 12:00pm