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New Manatee Profile -- Myra Chachkin by Kate Johnson

New Manatee Profile – Myra Chachkin

By Kate Johnson

Myra told me, “I hit the jackpot when I found the Manatees.” She described us as a “great team with heart and soul, welcoming, friendly, supportive, and generally awesome.” Myra also finds the coaching to be helpful and says the strong swimmers on the team inspire her.

Myra discovered our team last August when she was doing evening lap swim at ECCL. At first, she was hesitant to join a Masters swim team, but the convenience of living just a half mile away helped to convince her.

Until Myra moved to the Bay Area 1993, she had never done any serious swimming. She first started to swim as an exercise outlet on her lunch break. Now, she is pleased to be learning how to swim all the different strokes correctly. She thinks that butterfly might be her favorite stroke because she hasn’t learned it yet! She loves the mental and physical focus of swimming and getting an intense workout in just one hour. She has never competed in swim meets but says she might give it a try. (Update: Myra swam in her first meet in April, doing a relay with Juliet, Rebecca, and Ruth. She said it was a lot of fun!)

Myra has lived in many parts of the U.S.—from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Plainfield, New Jersey, to Arlington, Virginia, and she went to college in Chicago, which she says still feels like home to her.

On land, Myra works as a Linux system engineer for Pandora in uptown Oakland.  When not swimming or working, she rides her bike and plays cello and Indonesian gamelan. Her guilty pleasure is chocolate and sleep.

And we hit the jackpot when Myra joined our team. After just a month with the team, she signed up to deliver a meal to Caroline (although she claims her husband did most of the cooking), and she just joined the Board in January.

Myra swims every week day at 7:30 am.

Please give a big welcome to Myra Chachkin!

P.S. Myra asked us to include her e-mail address, which is