AB Masters - May 2018 Update

Good morning fellow Master swimmers,


This is your May update.


The spring practice schedule (month of May) can be found HERE.


During the month of May, for the morning crowd at M.E. Lyons; we will be sharing lanes at the beginning of practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Keep in mind these are long course lanes (50 meters) not short course (25 yards) and we should be able to comfortably fit 6-7 swimmers in a lane.  The senior group (incld. College swimmers) has 30 swimmers that will be practicing until 6:35-6:40.  When their practice is over, then we will be able to spread out and use all six lanes.  We all need to be considerate of one another when sharing pool time. I will provide the summer schedule in the next mid-month update.


Keep in mind that weather has more of an impact on our practice schedule during the spring and summer months, than the fall and winter since we are not in the "DOME". General rule of thumb is practice is on, unless the following happens;


1. Water temperature is not above 76 degrees (should not be an issue)

2. Lighting in the area (or inclement weather)

3. The pool is shut down (due to accident or mechanical issues)


If the Y makes the decision to close the pool, you should receive an email notification from one the full time staff members.

Below is a listing of Open Water and sanctioned swim meets that are currently scheduled.

Swim meets (entry can be founds on-line @ USMS.org);

·         May 19th – PCY Masters @ Powell Crosley YMCA

·         June 16th – Miami Redfin Masters @ Miami U.

·         June 23rd – CSU Masters @ Cleveland State U.

·         August 4th & 5th – Lakeside Masters @ Lakeside Swim club

Open Water events:

·          Ohio Games Open Water Swims (1.5/3/5 km) - June 3, 2018

·          Central Ohio Multisport Festival @ Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, OH (.25/.5/1/2 miles) - June 9, 2018

·          USMS Sprint Distance Open Water National Championship (1 mi) - June 9, 2018

·           Zoom Cowan Lake (3/5 km) - July 1, 2018

·          Poseidon Swim Challenge in Indianapolis (2 km) - July 8, 2018

·          Fiddlers’ Pond 3rd Tri & Mile Swim (1 mi) - August 18, 2018

·          Zoom Hueston Woods in Oxford, OH (3/5 mi) - August 26, 2018

·         Zoom Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, OH (3/5 km) - September 16, 2018


I will out of May 10th -13th attending the Spring Masters Nationals in Indianapolis. I will see you all the following week.

Thank you for continued support.  


C.J. Rushman

AB Masters Head Coach

USMS Great Lakes Zone Chair

ASCA/USMS Level 3 Certified Coach

USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach