Important TFS News!

Greetings TFS Families,

It's here!  Shrimp Festival week!  We are very excited about all the upcoming festivities.  There is A LOT of information in this message so please read through in its entirety.  We don't want you to miss out on important stuff.  If you are volunteering at our food booth, make sure to read through the rules at the bottom of this message.  

  • Team T-shirts for all registered swimmers are at our screen printer.  We are hoping to get them in time for the parade.  If they don't arrive in time for the parade, just wear previous year's shirts or team colors to the parade.  
  • Team swim caps have been ordered and will arrive later in May.  Once we receive them, we will be passing them out during practice hours.

There are several very important dates coming up so please mark your calendars NOW

  • Tuesday, May 8th is a Parent Meeting @ 7 pm at the Rec Center auditorium by the pool.  We will be reviewing very important information about our upcoming season.
  • Thursday, May 17th is our Mock Swim Meet - set up is at 5 pm and the meet will begin at 6 pm at our pool.  More details will be shared during our parent meeting on the 8th.

Now for more IMMEDIATE MATTERS - Here is what you need to know about this week's Shrimp Fest activities:

  • We will be hosting a shrimp cleaning "party" in the pool snack bar tonight, Wednesday night.  Please stop by and help us clean shrimp to prepare for our food booth.      
  • Our sign-up list for volunteers for our Shrimp Festival food booth is going very well.  If you have not signed up, yet, PLEASE sign up for at least 1 shift!  Teenagers who sign up can receive community volunteer hours.  We need volunteers for all shifts, especially Sunday.  Please see Eddie during practice or send us an email at 


  • The parade is this Thursday, May 3rd.  Be at Central Park at 5:30 pm.  Parade starts at 6 pm.
  • We are #26. 
  • All parents, siblings and swimmers are invited to participate in the parade with us!  Wear team T-shirts (either new or past) or team colors (royal blue, lime green, or white). 
  • WE NEED CANDY! Please donate candy. The more the better. We run out every year. Feel free to drop off bags of candy at the pool office or just bring with you to the float on parade day. Please be sure that it is not chocolate, or anything else that will melt (these are parade rules).
  • We will have limited space for children to ride on the float. First priority will go to the children of the float building committee, then coachs' and board members' children, then all others. The majority of children and parents will be asked to walk in the parade and hand out candy.
  • Elementary school children (and younger) MUST have a parent or guardian accompany them in the parade. Only middle school and high school kids can be "dropped off" and allowed to walk by themselves.  Strollers and wagons are highly encouraged. And feel free to decorate them!
  • If you and/or your swimmer(s) are walking and handing out candy, please bring a bag, bucket or basket to carry the candy in. And, please bring extra candy! Every year we run out of candy before the parade ends.
  • NO THROWING CANDY!! This is a major parade rule and will get us disqualified from future parades. Candy must be handed out along the parade route.
  • If you are dropping off your middle schooler or high-schooler, please claim them ASAP once we return to the staging area. We love your kids but please don't make coaches and other parents wait with your child to be picked up once we are finished with the parade.

There will be no practice the night of the Shrimp Festival Parade, Thursday May 4th.  Please come join us at the parade!! 


  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled shift.
  • Wear closed toe shoes at all times.
  • Wear TFS t-shirts or colors (royal blue, lime green, white).
  • No jewelry on hands or arms except plain wedding bands.  
  • Long hair needs to be pulled back.  
  • Limit cell phone use to breaks.  
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the booth.
  • If you are sick, please do not enter the food booth.  All volunteers should be free from illness, skin infections, open sores, etc...  Apparently there was an "epidemic" a few years back caused by one of the FBHS booths and they're still talking about it.  
  • All booth workers must wash hands prior to work, when returning to work from breaks, and when changing gloves or any other time hands become soiled.  Gloves should be changed frequently.  
  • Workers should not eat or drink in food prep areas except a cup with a closed lid and straw are permitted.  Otherwise, please step outside of the book to eat and drink.
  • Do not touch food with bare hands.  Use suitable utensils provided.
  • Minimize handling of foods before, during, and after prep.
  • Keep food covered and protected from dust, dirt, insects and human cross contamination.
  • Maintain food at the correct temperatures.  This information will be posted in the booth.  
  • Personnel handling money should not handle any food items until they have washed their hands.  
  • No shouting or "peddling" loudly.  
  • Our shrimp are locally caught shrimp and DELICIOUS.  

The above instructions are to help us comply with health code regulations.  We must follow the rules so we can continue to participate in this profitable fundraiser for our team.  In addition to following these rules, HAVE FUN!   

Thank you for your team spirit and support.  We love all of our dedicated parents and coaches!