WTSC NewsWave- Pool Status Update and More

WTSC NewsWave May 2nd

1. It's been a difficult go at it the past several days due to NC pool heater issues, however we believe the light is at the end of the tunnel. The heater is now back running, however even at a best case scenario, we will run out of time to bring the water up to safe levels tonight. All groups will return to Pike HS tonight at 7:30PM. Unless otherwise notified, please plan on returning to NC for Thursday. IF this were to change, will communicate to you by Thursday Noon.

2. Carmel Spring Fling Invite this weekend! The host has released vital pre-meet information, including limited events, updated warm up schedules, and timelines. Please read all the info at the meet page here. There is no practice Friday and Saturday due to the meet for all of our 14 & under training groups. Seniors, a workout will be offered for those not competing at Carmel from 7 to 9:30AM on Saturday.

3. WTSC's Annual Meeting will take place 2 weeks from today on Wednesday, May 16th. At the Annual Meeting, the membership elects new Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Additionally, the coaches will present WTSC's traditional Annual Time Drop Ceremony, one of our favorite events of the year. WTSC will provide main dish and food, however we'll be sending out a sign up link for side dishes and treats. More details include:

  • Annual Meeting for Parents runs from 6 to 6:45PM at the NC Cafeteria. Unless there are nominations from the floor otherwise, the current slate of candidates are as follows:
    • Julie Spicer, Kassy McPherson, and Emily Wolfe for 3 total openings.
  • Swimmers will wrap up practice at 6:45 and head down for the Time Drop Ceremony. We estimate ending around 7:20PM.

As usual, please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions. Best of luck this weekend at Carmel!!!


Coach Papachronis