News and Notes

News and Notes

What a great first week of practice for the start of our Long Course Season!  Loved all the energy and excitement that our new and returning swimmers brought to the pool!  It’s going to be an amazing year!

Weekend Recap:  Another fantastic weekend for FCYST.  On Friday we concluded our 2017 Long Course and 2017-18 Short Course seasons with our Annual Awards Banquet.  Thank you to all who came and supported your swimmer and our Team.  We all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed seeing all our swimmers dressed up, dancing, playing games and just enjoying their teammates in a different setting!  If you were not able to attend, all swimmers who participated this past year were given certificates and the remaining will be placed in the awards bins located in Buchanan Pool in the next week or two.  Again, congrats on such a spectacular year FCYST!!  A huge thank you to the Banquet Committee for putting together such a special night to really celebrate our swimmers and Team. 

Then on Sunday, a few of our older swimmers participated in the Big Blue Special Olympic/Unified Partners Swim Meet.  This was an incredible event that allowed our swimmers to compete on relay teams with a local Special Olympics swim team and share the love of swimming with other athletes in the area.  Many new relationships were formed and we saw countless smiles, high fives, fist bumps and hugs!  What a great morning for our older athletes!



Carpool Sign Up:  We will be compiling a list of families who are interested in carpooling again for this season, either spring, summer or both.  The Job Sign Up can be found on our website under the Meets and Events tab.  If you interested in participating in a carpool, please sign up and include the school your child attends and the school district you live in.  We will distribute a list of all interested families and their contact information the second week of May.  It is then the family’s responsibilities to contact the other families and set up the carpool.  More information can be found on our website. 

Pirate Plunge Deadline:  The next swim meet deadline to pay attention to is the Pirate Plunge Swim Meet that will be held in Milwaukee at the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center.  The deadline to commit your swimmer to this event is May 15th.  This is a new swim meet for a team and one that looks to be a lot of fun.  We would like to see as many families attend this meet as possible.  More information about the swim meet can be found our website. 

Team Hosted Summer Meets:  Our swim team hosts 2 swim meets during our Long Course Season.  Both meets are held at the new Erb Park Pool.  A reminder that all families are responsible to fulfil their Service Hours Requirements per our team policy that everyone signed during registration.  These swim meets are a huge source of revenue for our team and everyone’s help is needed to run these successful swim meets.  The two meets we host are the Summer Classic, June 16-17, and the Bird Bath Invite, July 6-8.  Please mark those dates on your calendars.  These meets are always a lot of fun and a great way to meet new families and build new relationships not only within our team, but also the swimming community.  A list of all our summer swim meets can be found our team website.  Please pay close attention to the deadlines listed to sign up your swimmer!  If you have questions about what meets your swimmer should participate in, please ask their coach. 

Facebook Page:  Our swim team has a Facebook page for those who are new to the team.  Search FCYST and ask to be added.  An admin has to approve your request, so please be patient. 

Dryland Program:  All our Junior Blue and Senior athletes are expected to participate in our dryland program.  We are using Bridge Athletics again this season.  We are offering open gym times with appropriate equipment and supervision on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45-4:45 PM before practice.  Come anytime during that hour to complete your workout.  If these times do not work for your swimmer, please encourage them to complete as much of the workouts as they can on their own time at home or at the Y.  There is a 3rd workout each week that is designed to be completed at home without equipment.  If your swimmer is having difficulty signing into Bridge, please either contact Bridge if you already have an account or send me an email and I can send Bridge your contact information. 


Swim Team Office Contacts:  Below is contact information for the staff in the swim team office.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.  For swim team concerns or questions, please contact one of the coaches and for registration or financial questions or concerns, please reach out to Melinda. 

Head Coach:  John Thiel



Assistant Head Coach:  Elizabeth Gloudeman



Team Registrar:  Melinda Einan



Required Equipment:  We are requiring all FCYST swimmers to have their own pair of flippers this season.  With the size of our groups and with all of our groups practicing at Erb and Lawrence University this summer, we need all our swimmers to have a pair and bring them to practice every day.  We have all sizes of flippers available to try on for sizing at the Buchanan Y.  FCYST has a team store through Elsmore Swim Shop that has the same flippers for sale.  You can see all Elsmore has to offer, from team suits to team bags and much more, by clicking on the Elsmore logo on left side of our home screen on our website.  There are a few brand new size 7-9 flippers that we have in the swim team office for sale for $19, first come first serve.  Email Coach Elizabeth if you would like to purchase a pair.