On Deck and Team Feed

Good morning-

Our website has a lot of really great communication tools and Team Unify is always adding new features.

We now have several ways to post new items and information. The News page on the fron page is where we try to put information which the whole team needs to know and have access to. The meet page for each separate meet is where we try to gather information and documents pertaining to a particular meet. Access this by clicking the meet name on the "Meets" page. 

One of the newest pages that Team Unify has developed isout Team Feed page. This scrolls along the right hand side of our website contain updates to practices, weekly information, recognition announcements, etc. You can always go to the website and see this information but if you want to receive notifications when we post, you need to install the OnDeck App and select to receive notifications.

It is my plan to slowly wean us off of the News page and use the Team Feed going forward when we are not using direct emails.

Please install the App and give me feedback if you would.