6/2-3: Fitter & Faster Swim Clinic in Pittsfield!

Greetings Swimmers and Parents!

Awesome news!  The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour is coming to Pittsfield, MA on June 2nd and 3rd!

Curriculum: Feel for the Water/Slay the Dragon

Clinician: National Champion Tom Luchsinger

Why Your Swimmer Should Attend:  


  • learn about the forces of physics and their plans to slow you down!
  • learn technique in your under waters and strokes to overcome those bad drag forces!


This clinic is designed for all ages and abilities.  Even members of the USA Junior Team attend our clinics regularly!  The FUNDAMENTALS of swimming are so important to long term success.  And you are never too old or too fast to get FASTER!  SIGN UP TODAY!

Click the link below for further details and registration!




Use promo code SLAY-DRAG for 10% off!