May Team Newsletter

Important Dates

Hurricanes IMX Meet: May 5th-6th
WRA will be travelling to Columbus this weekend, to attend the Hurricanes IMX meet. 

Stroke & Turn Officials Training: May 7th
The first step in becoming a USA Swimming Certified Official is attending a Stroke & Turn training class, either by participating in an online S&T Class, or attending an in-person training clinic. The next online class is scheduled for May 7th, from 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM. For more details, click here.

Lifeguard Certification Class: May 11th-13th
This is our last lifeguard class of the year. See more details and sign up here

Team Awards Night: May 14th
It's time for our annual awards night. Please sign up so we will have an accurate head-count. Every family is asked to bring a dish to share. See more details and sign up here.

Third TuesdayMay 15th
In spite of being the 3rd Tuesday, all regularly-scheduled groups will still have practices. We will not have our regular monthly meeting since practice will be canceled the night before, for the team banquet.

Doc Stock Invite: May 18th-20th (Registration Deadline: May 8th)
Macon, GA. This meet is open to all Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members. See details and sign up here.

Memorial Day: May 28th
There will be no practice Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Carol Tate Invite: June 1st - 3rd (Registration Deadline: May 18th)
Emory University. This meet is open to all 12 & Under Bronze swimmers, as well as all Silver, Gold, and Platinum swimmers. See meet information and sign up here.

WRA Home Meet: June 8th (Registration Deadline: June 1st)
All WRA swimmers are encouraged to participate. See meet information here. A separate email will be sent when sign-ups are open.

Our summer swim lesson schedule has now been published and is open for registration, and the sessions are already filling up quickly. Please help us spread the word about our summer lessons - Let's make sure every child in Warner Robins knows how to swim! More information on our lessons can be found here.

A Note from the Coach: Swim Meet Nutrition

Your food is your fuel. Proper HYDRATION is vital during meet weekends. Equally important is the food you consume, and when you consume it. Don’t let your hard work and training be negated by what you do or don’t eat at a meet.

  1. Please don’t skip meals. Swimmers need adequate energy stores to compete at their best. 
  2. Consume high-quality calories. Don’t eat high-fat and overly-processed foods during a meet.
  3. High-fiber foods are best consumed a few hours before the meet starts. High-quality carbohydrates are the best source of fuel for pre-race snacking. Lean protein and plant-based fats are great options for post-race recovery.

Example prelim/final meet day meal plan**:

  • Breakfast - Oatmeal, fruit, whole-wheat bagels with peanut butter, juice and water
  • Meet snacks - Granola, granola bars, fruit, whole-grain crackers, etc. Lots of water, sports drinks, coconut water.
  • Post-race recovery snacks - Protein bars, Lara bars, trail mix, string cheese, low-fat Greek yogurt. More water.
  • Lunch - Large salad with beans or lean protein, raw veggies and hummus, fruit, veggie-packed sandwich with lean protein such as turkey or chicken on whole-grain bread. Water.
  • Meet snacks at finals, and post race-recovery - same as prelims

**These are general suggestions for snacks and meals. We strongly recommend NOT consuming soft drinks, energy drinks, and deep-fried foods. These will directly affect a swimmer’s performance. Candy is an ok treat only at the conclusion of a session.

Read more information from a USA Swimming Nutrition Expert at:



Edwin Cuttino Invite
June 15th - 17th

GRPA District Meet
June 30th

WRA Fireworks Meet
July 3rd
...see more


Committee Corner

We are still looking for members for the following parent committees: Officials, Social, and Maintenance.

Email Amanda to participate.

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