Groth's Country Gardens Gift Certificates

Groth’s Country Gardens Gift Certificates

Ozaukee Aquatics is once again selling $20.00 Groth’s Country Garden Certificates for all your gift and spring time planting needs.  Thank you to all who have purchased certificates in the past!  For newbies, this is a win-win fundraiser for our members and Ozaukee Aquatics.  Check it out!  Certificates expire June 30, 2018.

After another long, cold Wisconsin winter, everyone is ready to buy spring and summer plants, flowers, and Mother’s Day gifts!  Locally owned Groth’s Country Gardens is supporting Ozaukee Aquatics by generously donating $5.00 for every $20.00 certificate used to purchase its beautiful flowers and plants.  Groth’s Country Gardens specializes in growing annual and perennial bedding plants (27 greenhouses, 80,000 sq feet, over 600 varieties).  If your green thumb is not so green, consider taking a planting class* which includes soil, consultation, and storage/care of your plants in the greenhouse until weather conditions are favorable.   Remember to ask family, friends and neighbors to purchase certificates before shopping at Groth’s Country Gardens.  Plants are guaranteed!   

Contact Nancy Drabot at or 262-227-1877

For Homestead High School or Cedarburg High School Pool Delivery

***Please make checks payable to Ozaukee Aquatics***

Certificates also available at

Oz Spring Classic meet 5/4 & 5/5 - Volunteer Check-In Table

Visit Groth’s Country Gardens at

N144 W13015 Pioneer Road, Cedarburg   262-377-0986

* Class times are listed on the website and are close to capacity!  If you prefer not to take a class, consider reserving time at a planting table.