Weekly Update

Miami Country Day Aquatics


As we come off our first Long Course Meters (LCM) meet of the season, we also start the final month of the Spring Quarter.  Even though the school year is coming to an end and this quarter ends May 31st that does not mean that the MCDA Swim Team concludes!  We are a full year round  USA Swimming Club.  Our practice schedule will continue and we will continue to enter swim meets as we prepare for LCM – Area 3 Championships, Junior Olympics (or JO’s), Senior Championships and Speedo Sectionals.  All of these very significant meets will take place in July.  I fully expect that all families will be taking some down time to travel and reconnect after a busy school year.  You all deserve to have a little family fun time.  But we are still going to be here plugging away, through June and July and hope that you are with us. 

Our plan for the summer is to work hard, have fun and swim fast, but also to make sure we take a break.  As I had mentioned in an earlier Weekly Update, that the down time or break from swimming is extremely important both physically and mentally.  We will be breaking the first two weeks of August.   I know that this schedule doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are still trying to figure out your summer plans…..plan on being with us for June and July.  Also please make sure that the coaching staff is aware of your intentions for your summer commitment; ie summer camp (either day camp or sleep away), swim camp, vacations or anything else that would cause you to be absent from practices over the summer.

Just so you are all aware and prepared, during the summer months we change everyone over to a monthly billing cycle.  We do this to try and be more accommodating to our families who might be traveling.  But unlike most teams here in Miami, during the rest of the year we bill on a quarterly cycle (September 1, December 1, & March 1).  Many people ask me why we are opposing the trend of continuing the monthly fee.  And the answer is simple; here at MCDA we are looking for the commitment to the future.  We are, in a very small gesture, continuing to create culture that believes in the process.  We want the entire family to “buy in” to what we are doing.  The quarterly billing cycle allows us to find like-minded people who are looking at what we are doing and fully buy into that ideology of TEAM and LONG TERM GOALS.   

If you were with us in the Keys this weekend, you would see that we are team that is about racing and going fast, but also a team that’s aim is to create a great environment for all the swimmers to succeed.  Those relationships and bonds that the athletes are creating with each other are so important.  Different ages, different schools, different personalities but all able to get behind one another and work towards a common goal is very special.  To quote a line from the movie Miracle (which is a GREAT movie about the 1980 USA Hockey Team) “The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back.”

2018 Jon Olsen Gold Medal Invitational

In our first meet LCM meet of the year our kids were ready for the challenge!  Coming off a really good SCY meet there were some nervous swimmers, parents and coaches as well…would they be ready for the change in pool? With 17 swimmers competing we had 100 new Lifetime Bests (LTB) of 114 swims (88%). I’d say we were ready!  The swimmers who participated were: Franco Betancourt, Mateo Scheingoltz, Lilly Scheingoltz, Zubin Kamlani, Evan Wilson, Belinda Muzii, Brianna Ray, Madison Castro, Megan Shein, Dilhan Flores, Beverley Muzii, Gianfranco Key, Giovanna Key, Liesel Alfonso, Kaya Martin, Anthony Rodriguez, Ben Wilson.  They all did a great job!  Here is the breakdown by training group: 

Pathways – 0 swimmers – 0 new LTB 

Bronze – 1 swimmer – 4 new LTB’s 

Silver – 3 swimmers – 18 new LTB’s  

Gold – 0 swimmers – 0 new LTB’s  

Sr. Development – 5 swimmers – 18 new LTB’s  

Sr. Elite – 8 swimmers – 45 new LTB’s  

Congratulations to the Sr. Elite Group for having the most signups and the most Lifetime Bests!   

We also had 25 New Club Records.  Congratulations to:  

         Belinda Muzii (10)                 9-10 50 Free                 :35.43 

                                                          9-10 100 Free               1:14.86 

                                                          9-10 200 Free               2:36.35 

    9-10 400 Free               5:29.75 

    9-10 100 Back              1:31.39 

   9-10 50 Breast               :49.58 

    9-10 100 Breast            1:48.06 

   9-10 100 Fly                   1:30.72 

    9-10 200 IM                 3:03.50 

Brianna Ray (12)                            11-12 100 Fly                1:25.15 

Evan Wilson (12)                            11-12 50 Free                :30.82 

                                                          11-12 100 Back             1:21.04 

                                                          11-12 200 IM                2:54.48 

Beverly Muzii (14)                          13-14 200 Free             2:25.55 

                                                          13-14 400 Free             5:08.57 

                                                          13-14 100 Breast          1:27.65    

Liesel Alfonso (15)                          15-16 200 Free             2:32.28 

                                                          15-16 400 Free             5:16.86 

Kaya Martin (15)                            15-16 50 Back              :37.05 

                                                          15-16 100 Back            1 :26.35 

Ben Wilson (16)                              15-16 50 Fly                  :25.82 

                                                         15-16 100 Back             1:08.46 

Open Girls 200 Free Relay - Alfonso, Muzii, Martin, Key                  2:05.78 

Open Girls 200 Medley Relay - Martin, Muzii, Key, Alfonso             2:20.79 

Open Boys 200 Medley Relay - Wilson, Key, Rodriguez, Flores         2:07.09

The results are already posted on the website.



MCDA continues to practice all summer long.  Our practice schedule will change slightly. Starting on June 4th, there will no longer be an earlier practice time offered.  Our only practice time will be the 4:30 practice.  All swimmers are encouraged to check with their lead coach to see what practices, and how many practices per week they should be training.

Pathways – 4:30-5:15 pm Monday – Friday (Recommend 3 per week)

Bronze - 4:30-5:30 pm Monday – Friday (Recommend 3 per week)

Silver - 4:30-5:45 pm Monday – Friday / 9:00 am Saturday (Recommend 4 per week)

Gold - 4:30-6:15 pm Monday – Friday / 9:00 am Saturday (Recommend 5 per week)

Sr. Development – 6:00 am – Monday, Wednesday, Friday/ 4:30-6:30 pm Monday – Friday / 9:00 am Saturday (Recommend 7 per week)

Sr. Elite – 6:00 am – Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 4:30-6:30 pm Monday – Friday / 9:00 am Saturday (Recommend 8 per week)



This week we have a new/old family rejoin the club, welcome back to the Mundy Family; Brooke (15) will be swimming in our Sr. Elite Group.    



    • Friday-Sunday, May 19th–20thFIU Spring Invite, this is for all groups
    • Monday-Friday, June 4th-8th – Coach Scheingoltz’s Technique Swim Camp
    • Saturday& Sunday, June 2nd & 3rdNPB Summer Kickoff in Pompano
    • Friday-Sunday, June 22nd -24thSwim Fort Lauderdale