The 2018 Long Course Season

Welcome to the 2018 Long Course Season!  

We're looking forward to a fun spring and summer of swimming!  

The coaches are very excited that so many of our athletes have decided to participate in Long Course.  The best way to continue growth as an athlete is to participate "year-round".  The spring and summer season is brief, in comparison to "short course" during the school year.  

Here are some reminders for everyone of a few things as we get started.


Our Meet schedule is posted on the website.  

Things will move VERY quickly once meets begin.  In fact, all of our entries are due within the next two weeks for the entire season.  

Please go to the meet sign ups and commit to the meets and sessions that you plan to attend, ASAP!  

Additionally, doing entries for an entire season within the same week presents challenges for our coaches.  If there are events you would like to swim at certain meets, please indicate that in the notes on that meet page.  This will help to make sure that swimmers get an opportunity to swim most of the events that they would like prior to Championships.  


The practice schedule is posted.  We will have a spring schedule that goes until the students are out of (Upper Arlington) school, and then we will switch to our "summer schedule".  We will notify everyone of "schedule switching" details as we get closer to Memorial Day, and have more information from NWSC.  

All practices through the end of the school year will be at UAHS, for all groups.  Those practices will run Monday through Friday evenings (Bear Cubs and Bears, Monday through Thursday afternoons).

There is no attendance policy, but please remember how short this season is when making training choices.  There is no need to notify coaches of each missed practice.  If you have planned extended absences (vacation, camp, etc.), it is helpful for us to know of those plans in advance.  

Please adhere to the pick-up policy, as you would during short course.  Coaches will always wait with athletes to be sure they're safe, but coaches may be going from one practice to another, and waiting with one athlete could delay the start of a practice for many others.

If you have any questions, as we get started, please let the coaches know.