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May 4, 2018

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Let’s Celebrate some May SSC Birthdays!

Upcoming Meet Deadlines

  • Summer Sizzler – register by 5/11
  • Sugar Creek 12 & U Meet – register by 5/11
  • WTSC vs. SSC Dual – register by 5/18
  • Noblesville Enchanted Forest Invite – register by 5/18

Summer Sizzler Volunteer Sign-ups

Volunteer sign-ups for the Summer Sizzler meet will open on Saturday, May 5th.  The meet will be held on June 1-3 and is the final opportunity to fulfill your volunteer obligations.

SSC Membership Survey

To help improve our ability as a club to empower swimmers to develop character and realize their athletic potential in a positive, fun, and safe environment we need your feedback.   Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey at the below link:

SSC Senior News...

  • For those of you not competing at CSC - there is a Saturday practice from 7-9a at HSE!
  • If you missed the senior trip sign-up deadline, there may be a few spots left...please email asap!
  • 5/3 Holden Kesler
  • 5/4 Amelia Vicory
  • 5/6 Katherine Edison
  • 5/7 Connor Harrison
  • 5/9 Eloise Harrison
  • 5/13 Kelsey Ames
  • 5/13 Da Bin Jung
  • 5/14 Ethan Forbes
  • 5/15 Natalie Thomas
  • 5/16 Addison Richmond
  • 5/16 Coach Jeannie
  • 5/19 Victoria Vicory
  • 5/21 Owen Armstrong
  • 5/21 Keegan Streett
  • 5/25 Coach Sara
  • 5/25 Kayleigh Witt
  • 5/26 Olivia Harter
  • 5/26 Kaitlyn Ross
  • 5/28 Lauren Bergman
  • 5/30 Katie Bergman
  • 5/30 Madeline Frey
  • 5/31 Ji Hoon Jung


Coaches Corner #1

The Power of Sport - Friendships!

I recently have had more than a couple of opportunities to discuss our alums…multiple weddings and college graduation parties to name a few. It all came together last night when I saw former SSC Dad Jeff Heinzman – we met about him running for Hamilton County Judge, but ended up talking about our kids and catching up on life. Why was this remarkable – Jeff’s daughter ended up attending Cathedral, but the friendships from age group swimming have endured. I genuinely hope your children are having similar experiences – I worry that our youth today are so busy (often with “screen-time”), that they can possibly miss out on the amazing impacts of friendship. Another great SSC Dad and former Emory University Professor, Scott Clark, once told the athletes on the senior trip – “Friendships and opportunities to meet new people are possibly one of the most enriching experience in a person’s life.” Elevating that process is certainly one of our missions here at SSC – it’s always good to be reminded of that!

Coach’s Corner #2

Safe Sport Mondays

Scenario 1:

You just swam your personal best in your best event! Everyone is cheering and high five-ing you when Suzy rushes up and gives you a big celebratory hug. This has made you feel very uncomfortable.

How do you tell Suzy that you are uncomfortable with her hugging you?

    Safe Sport Says: You can say “Suzy, thanks for helping me celebrate, but I’m not comfortable with hugs.”

What is consent?

    Safe Sport Says: Consent is a clear, freely given enthusiastic YES to something. When you ask someone if you can give them a hug, sit next to them at lunch, or hold their hand, you’re asking for consent. If they say yes, great! If they say no, respect that.

What to do if someone doesn’t give you consent?

    Safe Sport Says: Say, “I respect that.” For example, Allie says, “you look sad. Can I give you a hug?” Robin says, “No, thanks.” Allie says, “I respect that.  What can I do to help  you feel better?”

Scenario 2:

One of your older teammates is helping your group learn a new stroke technique. As you watch this older teammate work with the other kids in your group, you are feeling uncomfortable with the activity. As it gets closer to your turn, you are really nervous.

How do you tell the older swimmer that you are uncomfortable with the activity?

    Safe Sport Says: It’s important that you know that you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or unsafe. You can say, “I’m going to pass. I’ve been watching, and I think I got it.”

Do you have to tell your coach?

    Safe Sport Says: It’s a good idea to tell your coach if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.

Wrap It Up:

Your body is yours! If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, speak up. If someone tells you that they don’t want a hug, say, “I respect that.” This video is a great way to think about consent.

IMPORTANT Items From Previous OTB’s…

Amazon Smile?

So Southeastern Swim Club does have an Amazon Smile account and we have added it to our heading above…I signed up years ago and went to check this today – my account shows absolutely zero donation over the course of 2 years. I have discovered that there is a little bit of a catch to this…1) you must shop at to get credit and 2) all purchases made using the Amazon Apps are not eligible. My plan at this time is to see how smooth it is using the smile address for all of my normal Amazon shopping. Please consider adding “Southeastern Swim Club” to your Amazon profile.

SSC Senior Group – Plan your Physical NOW!!!

SSC Senior Team Members (“rising frosh” included – that means you 8th graders) – please remember that you will need a new physical on file by June 1st. Your new physical has to be after April 1st in order to be valid. This serious – YOU CANNOT PRACTICE IN JUNE WITHOUT AN UPDATED IHSAA PHYSICAL ON FILE!  HSE HS also requires that you complete your online forms as well – more information on this can be found HERE.