A Note from Coach Bob!

Hello everyone!
As many of you know I am working right now in Southern California and will be unable to make the awards banquet tonight .  I am so sorry to have to miss this yearly highpoint for the team.  I miss you all and miss the energy and enthusiasm you bring to me and to the pool every day. After many years of almost continuous presence on the deck swimming is interwoven into my nature and after being off deck for more than a month now I realize how much I benefited from my hours on the deck and the love of the sport and energy you all bring to every practice.

Those of you receiving awards tonight  - congratulations - you have earned them!  Your hard work, dedication, passion and enthusiasm for the sport shines brightly and that extra effort you bring to practice and to meets has resulted in these awards tonight .  Keep up the hard work and keep bringing your “A” game to every practice.  After watching swimmers grow to adults during my 35 years of swimming the work ethic that you bring to swimming will be reflected in your success in the future.

Thanks as always to our extraordinary parents who not only pay the bills, drive, and feed our swimmers but thank you especially for the support you show our coaches and the enthusiasm you bring to our meets.  Our parents are a big part of the reason that CAST wins so many spirit awards and is so highly regarded throughout the region.  I am forever indebted to our parents.

To our graduating seniors what a great job!  Your hard work has paid off and you have driven this team to be the hardest working, highest accomplishing senior squad in the history of CAST.  I look forward to you all graduating from college with honors.  I will miss you all, but look forward to your continued success in life, school, and sport! 

When I took this leave of absence the one thing I had no fear of was a drop off in the coaching quality.  Thanks to our incredible coaches for picking up my load and allowing me to have this time off.  It is a blessing to have such an extraordinary group of coaches on one  team; Rebecca, Jade, Kevin and David.  You are the envy of every coaching staff in the region!  David, I want to especially thank you for being so gracious and such a great friend.  Thank you so much for your tireless efforts on behalf of CAST!

I hope to be back on the pool deck part time by the end of the month.  I can’t wait to see you all!!!  As many of you know this break was necessary due to an overwhelming amount of work and effort hat needed to be put into our family health and properties.  Even though I have yet to have a day off since I left the deck we are getting caught up and that has relieved a great deal of the stress I and our family has been under.  Thanks for your support and understanding!

Coach Bob