New GMU Swim Team Entry Policy

Please read the information below regarding the new GMU Swim Team Entry Policy starting on Monday May 7th.  If you have any questions, please conatct Coach Heather at makoswimming@aol.com.  

Beginning in May, we will no longer have the current Swim Team Check In door.  Instead, all swimmers and coaches will enter through the main facility doors and will be directed by signage to the computer at the back side of our front desk, closest to the steps.  At this computer, ALL coaches and swimmers must present their current team bag tag.  Any parents that want to go down the steps must also present a current team bag tag. In short, ANYONE that wants to access the downstairs must present a current team bag tag.  Parents, swimmers, and coaches will all exit the facility through the main facility doors.  Parents must still utilize parking Lot C to drop off their children, they should not utilize the road in front of the facility; campus police and parking will monitor this

This system is similar to the entry system at some FFX County/Loudoun Park Authority facilities.  This new procedure will now allow us to identify any of your parents in the facility as well as the coaches and swimmers.  It also provides better documentation of who is present in the facility in case of emergency.