D1 BB & Above Meet Summary!

 Division 1 BB & Above Meet Summary!

This weekend some of our Select swimmers attended the Division 1 BB & Above Meet. This meet was the first long course meet of the season for many of these swimmers. Because these swimmers are still in the process of being conditioned, any and all best times are quite an achievement. As we quickly approach the halfway point of the season, we are excited to see what else we will accomplish! Here are the highlights:

Kyle Augustin
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.32s
100 Butterfly-dropped 13.21s
200 Freestyle-dropped 36.51s
Abby Caspari
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.35s
100 Breaststroke-dropped 7.08s
200 Freestyle-dropped 12.17s
200 Breaststroke-best time
100 Backstroke-dropped 4.62s
100 Freestyle-dropped 3.01s
Joseph Choi
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.09s
100 Butterfly-best time
200 Freestyle-dropped 0.95s
100 Backstroke-best time
Jack Easton
100 Breaststroke-dropped 37.21s
Rachel Easton
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.25s
200 Freestyle-dropped 0.67s
200 IM-dropped 0.08s
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.36s
400 Freestyle-best time
Skye Elliott
100 Butterfly-dropped 0.75s
Jocelyn Hayes
100 Breaststroke-dropped 0.85s
Hailey Jones
100 Freestyle-dropped 0.11s
Eleanna Martinez
200 Freestyle-dropped 7.52s
100 Freestyle-best time
400 Freestyle-best time
Kyndle Paton
100 Backstroke-best time
100 Freestyle-best time
50 Freestyle-best time
Vivek Sundararaman
50 Freestyle-dropped 1.94s
100 Butterfly-dropped 1.2s
200 Freestyle-dropped 11.09s
200 IM-dropped 13.39s
100 Backstroke-dropped 6.51s
100 Freestyle-dropped 5.43s
Milo Ursini
50 Freestyle-dropped 4.28s
200 Freestyle-dropped 20.40s
100 Freestyle-dropped 11.34s
400 Freestyle-best time
Michael Zhao
50 Freestyle-dropped 0.97s
200 Backstroke-best time
100 Butterfly-dropped 5.78s
200 Freestyle-dropped 8.36s
100 Backstroke-dropped 9.92s
100 Freestyle-dropped 3.13s
400 Freestyle-best time