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Summer 2018 Calendars

It’s time for EPIC SUMMER 2018!

You can now download calendars for Summer 2018 for Rocket Fish and BALF:

Rocket Fish

Registration for Rocket Fish is ongoing. Register today and start swimming on June 19th. If your child swims for our summer session only, your tuition will be prorated as follows:

June Discount (Summer-Only Swimmers)

  • A-Group: $54
  • B-Group: $47
  • C-Group: $34

August Discount (Summer-Only Swimmers)

  • A-Group: $85
  • B-Group: $55
  • C-Group: $65

Total Cost for Summer-Only Swimmers (June 19 to August 9):

  • A-Group: $311
  • B-Group: $288
  • C-Group: $246


Registration for our four summer sessions of Beach Activities Lifestyle Fun (BALF) is currently open! Register today: