NEWS for Week of May 7th - May 12th

First meet results are in and up, we're getting ready for next Saturday's meet AND our VERY IMPORTANT upcoming Lap-A-thon!  Read on for more details about the upcoming fun!

Results for Waves at Sleepy Hollow Meet

Nothing makes a swimmer happier than to report goals achieved, and boy am I happy to report that the waves did what they set out to do on Saturday!  That is, "Out Improve" the league powerhouse Sea Lions.  Congrats to swimmers and coaches on 695 seconds of improvement and 49% best times compared to the Sea Lions 47% best times!  A narrow victory to be sure, but we'll take it!  Oh, and speaking of victories, our 15-18 year old age group posted a point victory and an inspirational life lesson at the same time.  The life lesson?  You can't win if you don't show up!  Thanks to our intrepid High School swimmers who came out EARLY Saturday morning after swimming LATE Friday night to end their high school season!  For complete meet results, click here.  To see our team's improvement, click here.  Finally, to see the swimmers who have already posted All Star times for the season, click here.  Oh, and to be really impressed, click on this link to our "League Top Twenty" report to see how our swimmers times fared against all the other other times swum in the league this week.  Pretty impressive WAVE representation, especially in our 8 & Under boys category!  I feel a large swell coming, with a TIDALWAVE of strength!! 

Ribbons - When and Where Can the Swimmers Find Them?

That's right, it's time for ribbons!  Now that the first official dual meet of the season is under our belts, it is time to start collecting ribbons in every color!  Or, is your child's goal only the 1st place kind?  Whatever their goal, ribbons will be at Redwood on Mondays and Tuesdays at practice and at COM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all filed in boxes with the family name.  Can't find a ribbon?  Sometimes they accidentally swim home with another swimmer and many times the swimmers just miss them (you know, like at home when they tell you they can't find their socks, and you point out they're on their feet).  Encourage your swimmer to check the box a second time, and if they still don't see it, you can always go to our " Missing Ribbons" page and let our ribbons leads know that your child is missing one.  Our ribbons leads will review results and re-issue as warranted.  Your child doesn't practice on Monday or Tuesday?  They can always pick them up at the next swim meet.

Please Log Stroke Choices and Meet Declines for Marinwood May 12th Meet

It is time to start thinking about what your swimmers want to swim next week and just as importantly, if they can't make it to the meet we need to know that too.  Remember the deadline for meet declines, stroke choices, and notes to Coach Marie about early departures, late arrivals, etc. is Wednesday, May 9th at 9:00am.   Click here to go to the Marinwood Touchpad Meet--an AWAY meet on May 12th.  Remember, all swimmers are assumed to be swimming in the meet unless you decline for them.  To help Marinwood run a stellar and "inspirationally efficient" meet in their 5 lane pool (um yep, even smaller than Sleepy Hollow's pool, but at least there is space to spread out here), we need everyone's cooperation in meeting this deadline.  

Lap-A-Thon Update:  7 Days to Go!  BTW-All Swimmer swim at REDWOOD!

Thank you for pledges this past week...but the next two weeks of fundraising are critical!  So far, only 32 swimmers have raised money for our team.  We need EVERY SWIMMER ON THE TEAM to participate in order to reach our goal.   That’s only $60-$100 per swimmer!   Participation is crucial to keeping Tidalwaves fees reasonable and allowing us to continue with COM pool time, Saturday clinics, Scholarships and our same level of coaching effort.   We all want a top notch program, so   let's dig in to help keep it that way  Don't want your child to ask for sponsors?  That's o.k..  Click on the Please help icon on the home page and post a $60-$100 pledge yourself.  Don't forget, the swimmer in each practice group that raises the most money gets to be Coach of the Day !  The kids love the honor to try out this labor of love profession!


Congratulations again to the 8&Under Blue group at Redwood who enjoyed a pizza party last week!   And,  we are one week in to our 2nd competition...The practice group with the  greatest number of participants last week and next week will ALSO earn a pizza party!  So, from April 30th - May 13th, we will be looking for the practice group with the most participants having pledges!!  Remember  our team goal is 99% participation, even if you can't swim on May 14th, we still need your help raising funds!


Please know ALL swimmers are invited to swim on Lap-A-Thon day at REDWOOD during Redwood practice times!