CMA Swims Fast & Furious

CMA Swims Fast & Furious!

There are not enough positive things to say about the Fast and Furious Friday Nights meet series that we attended. Everything about the meet was great: small meet which meant we were done early in the evening, a fun series to try new and challenging events, gaining meet and racing experience, and there was lots of cheering for each other. This was also a huge opportunity for Bronze, Silver, and Gold swimmers to work towards their All Swim Challenge for the summer season. Each meet every swimmer was allowed to swim in four events. By the end of all four meets, Elyse Eilmes had swam in all 16 events offered and knocked out 16 new best times. Eler Huang swam in all four meets and finished his Bronze All Swim Challenge and was eager to do the harder events. Cooper Britt swam in three of the four meets and finished with 10 new best times. Michael Webb swam in his first three swim meets since moving up from Copper. He did great and learned a lot about meets along the way. Brad Starkey also did very well in each event that he swam. It was great to be there and those that were able to attend did a fantastic job. I loved how everyone on our team was cheering for each other. I am very proud of how well everyone swam. We finished with 93.5% best times! Overall I would love to do this set of meets again and am looking forward to more participation from everyone. I am looking forward to the host team doing this meet series again this summer.