CMA Swimmers Display Tough IMR & IMX Talents

CMA Swimmers Demonstrate Toughness In The IMR & IMX Challenge Meet

Silver, Bronze & Copper: The CMA IMX/IMR meet was our first multi-day meet of the summer season. It was fun because it allowed both our younger and older groups to swim together. I think it is great for our younger groups to watch how the older and more advanced groups race. This meet was still a little early on in our season but it was still an opportunity to gain meet and racing experience. This meet offered the challenge with no 25's. It was great to see both Bronze and Silver swimmers doing longer distances and succeeding in them! I enjoyed watching them do their best flip and open turns. I had several that finished the meet with all best times, including Liam Hintz, Eler Huang, Zach Stevens, and Cordelia Wei. This was a great launching point for us and I'm excited to keep the momentum going into the next meet!

Juniors & Age Group Gold:  The IMX/IMR concept - "I Am Extreme"/"I Am Ready" - is such a cool idea!  Our Juniors and Age Group Gold swimmers really embraced the challenge, with nearly every Junior swimmer completing all of the IMX events and nearly every Gold swimmer completing either the IMX or IMR events!  Quite a few of our swimmers needed to swim new events that they'd never done before in order to complete the challenge and they all did it with great big smiles!  Swimming brand new events were:  Chloe Carrell - 200 breast and 500 free; Sophia Mezei - 500 free; Sinjin Schmeck - 200 back; Alex Terhakopian - 50 fly; Jin White - 100 fly, 200 breast, and 500 free; William Bentley - 50 fly; Haley Gates - 200 IM; Zoe Harris - 200 breast; Avery Hill - 200 IM; and Brad Starkey - 100 breast.  We are SO proud of their efforts and achievements!
In addition to completing all of the required events and swimming tons of best times - 113 best times, to be exact(!) - many of our kids won High Point Awards for their age groups!  Sophia won first and Zoe was second for 9 & under girls!  Kellen McInelly won first and Sinjin was third for 9 & under boys!  Monique Ardineswon first and Kayla Bentley was third for 10 year old girls!  Elam Estella was third for 10 year old boys (with a broken arm in a cast)!  Samantha Synsvoll won first and Grace Mehall was second for 11 year old girls!  Jin was second for 11 year old boys!  Cardin Nguyen won first for 12 year old boys IMX and Alex won first for 12 year old boys IMR! 
Following our groups' 25 new state cuts at the last meet, we achieved 12 additional state cuts at this meet!  Eight year old Zoe achieved her first ever (10 & under!) state cut, in 50 back!  Alex swam his first ever state cut, in 50 breast!  Monique swam 3 new state cuts - 50 fly, 100 fly, and 200 IM!  Kellen swam 2 new cuts - 200 free and 200 IM!  Grace swam 2 also - 100 breast and 200 breast!  Sophia got a new cut in 100 back, Cardin got a new cut in 50 back, and Sienna Schmeck got a new cut in 100 free!  

Seniors:  At the end of April CMA hosted our annual IMR&IMX challenge meet, which is aimed at showing off the ability of our swimmers to compete in all four strokes, not just their favorite events. While this meeet falls into a part of the season where endurance is being pursued in practice, and swimmers get to compete in events that they usually avoid, the results were very positive for our senior swimmers. While not many est times are expected at this part of the season, we still recorded 32 new personal best times over the course of the weekend. Leading the way was Amaya Porter, who posted 7 new PB's (50/200/500 free, 50&100 fly, 100&200 back), which also was every event that she competed in. Following her lead, we had Maggie Frohnhoefer with 4 (200 breast, 200 fly, 200 and 400 IM), Kaelyn Hinesley with 4 (200 back, 100 IM, 50 back and 50 breast). Posting 2 new best time each were Ysa Carrell (100 IM and 200 breast), Isaac Eilmes (100 IM and 200 breast), Kambry Lightfoot (200 fly and 200 free), Michael Mehall (200 fly and 400 IM), Mary Roalstad (200 breast and 500 free) and Abi Stevens (200 breast and 200 IM). Recording one personal best were Madelyn Branham (50 back) and Sophia Bricker (100 IM).