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Swim-a-thon, Meet results and signups and Friendship

Dear Seals Families:


More important news for you! This missive contains the following topics:


  • The Swim-a-thon (It’s Wednesday! Yikes!)
  • The results of the Lucas Valley Lightning meet (Spoiler alert: We won!)
  • Facebook (Please be our friend. Please?)
  • Sign up for next week’s meet (We host the Swimarin Sharks)


Now, for the details.


SWIM-A-THON: There will be no formal practices Wednesday, May 9, as our Swim-a-Thon will be held that day. There will be free pizza for the swimmers that participate in the Swim-a-Thon, but there will be no drinks. Please have your gutsy little swimmers bring a water bottle for hydration! The Swim-a-Thon is from 3:30 pm to 7 pm and most kids should come around the time they usually practice.


Also, there will be a raffle for prizes on the pool deck for the kids who are there. And the prizes are cool. Get this: TY backpacks, goggles, bungee straps, Planet Granite passes, a week at Big Dog Surf Camp, lessons with the coaches, gift cards for places like Swirl, Woody’s and Grilly’s … seriously … if your child doesn’t swim in the Swim-a-Thon and participate in the raffle, it’s almost like you’re willingly throwing away a chance to make your life amazing.


But wait. There’s more! There will be additional prizes that will be awarded in a few weeks based on donations collected. So stop procrastinating, call Uncle Harold and Aunt Margaret and have your swimmers ask them to be their sponsors. It’s all for a very good cause.


LUCAS VALLEY VS. STRAWBERRY RESULTS: Our first meet was a barn burner and the Seals began their season with a decisive 286-185 victory over the Lucas Valley Lightning. The meet story will be up soon on the team web site. In the meantime, you can look at the raw results here.


PLEASE BE OUR FRIEND: Did you know the Seals have a Facebook page? Instead of checking up on what that dude you vaguely knew in college is doing, follow the Seals to see fun photos and videos from the pool deck. You can follow the Seals here.


SIGN UP FOR THE SWIMARIN MEET: The signup for the Swimarin meet closes Wednesday. Sign up now


OK, that’s it! 



~The Seals