Swim Meet information
We need everyone to be signing up for summer swim meets, we are still posting entries but please sign up for those that are posted.
Championship Rules to know—ALL BASH swimmers who swam in the winter and competed in 3 Y meets will need to do only 2 Y meets to swim in Summer Championships.
All NEW BASH Swimmers who swam in zero Y meets this past winter will need to swim in 3 Y Meets this summer.
We hope everyone will swim more than the minimum! IF you only do the minimum you only get the minimum results! More is better- more experience, more fun, and more chances to get better.
Be sure to look at all meets, don’t wait until there is only one meet left to get in your YMCA meet. Plan ahead!
Upcoming swim meet description and information. (ALL Meets are Long Course)
>>Senior Meet USA Swimmers only – 13 and over – At PCY, May 18-20. All BASH swimmers, who are USA Swimmers, should swim in this meet. It is a pre-lim – Finals Meet. We are co-hosts and will need a lot of BASH parent volunteers!
>>Age Group Challenge – May 19-20, at PCY, Afternoons only, all BASH swimmers can swim, will count as a YMCA Swim meet. BASH is a co-host and lots of BASH parent volunteers will be needed.
>>Wednesday Night at the Races – Wednesday, May 30th at Powell Crosley YMCA, Y meet, good for all BASH swimmers, BASH Parent Volunteers will be needed. Open to all ages and levels. Even though it is on a school night, this is a great meet to participate in. It moves very quickly ends at a fairly reasonable time.
>>PCY Sprint Meet – Saturday, June 2nd at Powell Crosley YMCA, Open to all ages. All events are 50's so this meet moves quickly as well. Is a YMCA Meet. It starts early in the morning.
>>BASH CY Tri Meet at Countryside – Sunday June 3rd morning warm ups at 7:30 am. A Y Meet, ALL BASH swimmers eligible. This is a tri meet with Countryside YMCA and GMVY. There are only three teams competing, BASH volunteers will be needed!
>>Summer Classic Hosted by BASH and PCY – June 8-10 at Miami University in Oxford, OH
All BASH swimmers are eligible for this meet at Miami University. We do need ALL BASH swimmers and Parent at this meet. We are a co-hosting, and there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer down on deck (the best seat in the house!) This is a wonderful meet for your child to be exposed to one of the best swimming venues in Ohio. A great chance to swim in a fast pool, and get times for Championships later this summer. 
>>Cuda Classic at ME Lyons YMCA – June 16-17 at ME Lyons YMCA- Y meet for all BASH swimmers, mornings only, lots of events to pick from for the older swimmers.  
>> Bus trip to Nashville TN, USA Swim meet, June 20-23, must have 1 qualifying time and ride the bus. Sign up ASAP so we can get into the meet! 11 and over swimmers only.
>>Polar Bear Meet at Countryside Y – June 24th at Countryside YMCA – We are attending Sunday only for this meet- All swimmers eligible, A Y Meet, Morning for all swimmers. New order of events this year. Outside- bring sunscreen and shade!
>>Blue Ash Y Last Chance Meet – June 27th in the evening at our outdoor pool.
This meet is for everyone! It is your last chance to get your last Y meet or get a time for Championships. It is followed by a bonfire down in the woods behind the pool where we have hotdogs and s'mores. The younger kids really like this meet. BASH volunteers will be needed!
>>YMCA Summer Championships – July 13-15th at Miami University in Oxford, OH
This meet is for EVERYONE! Our team’s championship meet, we expect all BASH swimmers to support our team that weekend. 11 and over swim mornings and finals 3 nights in a row. 10 and unders swim Saturday Sunday afternoon only. BASH volunteers will be needed!
There is a Last Chance meet for Nationals after July 16, more info later, at Miami U.

Y Nationals – July 29- August 4 (dates for the trip) University of Maryland