CRAFT - Make Waves Weekly News


CRAFT – Make Waves Weekly News

Some Background Info:

CRAFT (Capital Region Aquatic Facility Team) is a non-profit community group advocating for a new, all-ages aquatic facility in the greater Fredericton area. The group is comprised of representatives from different aquatic groups (FAST, Synchro, Diving, Masters, Silver Dolphins) and supported by the Life Saving Society.

The CRAFT - Make Waves campaign aims to implement ideas and strategies to extend the life of SMA and build a new pool. See timeline attached. It shows what kind of rollercoaster ride we’ve been on.

In order to better communicate with our members and the community, we launched a web page You can sign up to receive regular updates of our Make Waves campaign. For now, we will also keep sending weekly updates to members until we have a substantial list that signed up on our web page. If you have any questions/comments you can reach us at

We Need Your Help – Together We Will Be Louder

During the past weeks, some of us have made considerable sacrifices for the Make Waves campaign. It has been a long fight and it is not always easy to keep the momentum going. Something that is very discouraging is to hear some of our members and others in the community giving up on our current pool situation. Here are some recurrent comments:

  • Is there really hope to keep SMA open?
  • What’s the point?
  • We're not getting anywhere.
  • Nothing is getting done.
  • It’s a waste of time

We are asking you to please remain positive and believe that we will find a solution. Being negative will only bring us down. Let’s show everyone that we are not going away. Let’s show them that aquatics is important for the Capital Region and it needs to move up on the priority list.

What we need you to do this week:

Mondays at City Hall:

  • This Monday (April 16) at 7pm there’s Council-In-Committee meeting at City Hall – 2nd Floor Committee Room. We should try to have a dozen people present wearing their Make Waves t-shirts. If we have too many people showing up, they will need to change rooms in order to accommodate all of us.
  • This will be done every week. We only need to be present at these meetings to remain visible to City Council. We are not there to say anything. Next week ( April 23)will be a regular City Council Meeting.

Keep Reaching out to Councillors, Mayor, GNB, Ministers…

  • We need to continue to communicate our concerns/needs to all levels of government. Attached are a list of key stakeholders with their contact information and a summary of important facts to guide your conversations.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, April 23 at 7pm: Wear your Make Waves t-shirt and attend City Council Meeting.
  • Saturday, April 28 at 2pm: Community gathering hosted by David Coon at the Fredericton Public Library, Chickadee Hall