CRAFT - Make Waves Weekly News - 2

CRAFT – Make Waves Weekly News - 2

What we need you to do this week:

Mondays at City Hall:

  • This Monday (April 23) at 7pm we had 11 people representing us at the City Council Meeting.  Next Monday (April 30) at 7pm, there’s a Council-In Committee meeting at City Hall – 2nd Floor Committee Room. We should try to have a dozen people present wearing their Make Waves t-shirts. If we have too many people showing up, they will need to change rooms in order to accommodate all of us. To give us a better idea of how many will represent us, please confirm your attendance by emailing
  • Remember, we only need to be present at these meetings to remain visible to City Council. We are not there to say anything.

Keep Reaching out to Councillors, Mayor, GNB, Ministers…

  • We need to continue to communicate our concerns/needs to all levels of government. If you sent an email or letter, follow up with a phone call. If you called, follow up with an email summarizing your conversation and maybe asking a few additional questions.

Upcoming Events

  • This weekend (April 27-29): We will get some flyers printed and distribute them under windshield wipers of the vehicles at the mall this weekend. There are different ways you can help out.
    •  You can print some color flyers. The PDF files are attached. If you prefer a hard copy of the flyer, I (Isabelle) will be at the pool (wearing a red jacket) Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm. I can also arrange to meet you another time. Contact me at
    • We will also need help distributing flyers on Friday at 6pm, Saturday 1pm and 4pm, Sunday 2pm. If you are interested to lead a group on one of these times, please email
    • If you would like to distribute some flyers in other parking lots (churches, arenas…), let us know what areas you are covering by emailing
  • Saturday, April 28 at 2pm: Community gathering hosted by David Coon at the Fredericton Public Library, Chickadee Hall. Please confirm your attendance by emailing
  • Monday, April 30 at 7pm: Wear your Make Waves t-shirt and attend City Council In-Committee Meeting. Please confirm your attendance by emailing


CRAFT (Capital Region Aquatic Facility Team) is a non-profit community group advocating for a new, all-ages aquatic facility in the greater Fredericton area. The group is comprised of representatives from different aquatic groups (FAST, Synchro, Diving, Masters, Silver Dolphins) and supported by the Life Saving Society.

The CRAFT - Make Waves campaign aims to implement ideas and strategies to extend the life of SMA and build a new pool. In order to better communicate with our members and the community, we launched a web page You can sign up to receive regular updates of our Make Waves campaign. For now, we will also keep sending weekly updates to members until we have a substantial list that signed up on our web page. If you have any questions/comments you can reach us at