Spirit Award

Spirit award: Dedicated swimmer. Reliable, supportive teammate. Recipient works hard, has a positive outlook and is an excellent role model. Swimmer makes up the “glue” of the team helping create and promote an environment of cohesiveness and stability. These are essential qualities of all successful sports teams.


This year‘s recipient is Molly Gross. Molly‘s team spirit is ever present in her training. Whether it’s keeping her training partners on task in practice or encouraging them to do their best at a meet, Molly’s love for the sport and her team is apparent. Often coaches have seen Molly take the initiative to help other swimmers navigate through their own disappointments allowing them to come out stronger, healthier individuals. With a sport like swimming, where not achieving your goal can come down to 1/100 of a second, teammates like Molly are priceless. From the CBFY dolphin swim team - Thank you Molly!