Fitter and Faster Clinic at PenBay YMCA!

PenBay has organized a turn clinic through Fitter&Faster, a program which tours the country with Olympic Athletes! This clinic will feature Shane Ryan, an olympic backstroker! In the water, he will work on flip turns, open turns, under water dolphin kicks, and breakouts.

This is a one day clinic broken into two groups, and takes place on Saturday, June 2nd. 

11 and unders- clinic runs from 12:00-2:30- $119 (+$7.54 fee)

12 and overs- clinic runs from 4:00-7:00 - $139 (+$8.16 fee)

For more info visit this link: https://fitterandfaster.com/swim-clinics/turn-it-up-rockport-me/


More info about our Bluefish Summer Swim will be available by the end of next week!