FOBY Freestyle 05/08/2018

Dear FOBY Swimmers & Families,

Our entries for the OCY IM Extreme Meet have been accepted, however our 12/unders have been limited to two events. Final entries are due Friday 5/11, so please review your entries online and email your lead coach and myself with any changes or removals by no later than THIS Wednesday 5/9.

Our entries for the SVY LC Cup meet have been accepted. For those of you who signed up for the meet but did not have any qualifying times, we did not enter you. If you had only one qualifying time on a day, we did enter you in a second event – 50 or a 100 – so that you get more than 1 swim per day. For any 13/Overs who only qualified in the 50’s of Butterfly, Backstroke, or Breaststroke – in which there were no qualifying times – we did not enter you and are requesting that you sign up for the EEX Meet instead. Our initial entries are attached to this email, so please email your lead coach and myself with any changes or removals by no later than Sunday 5/20.

***Our entries for the BAC Friday Night at the Races have been submitted, and we are waiting on acceptance and approval.***

Entries for the EEX Summer Sizzle Meet are being submitted tomorrow morning at 6am. If you qualify for the meet and have yet to sign up, please email me ASAP so I can get you entered. Proof of times are required, so all swimmers who do not qualify will not be entered. This meet is the level of a State Championship meet in the winter, so it is strongly encouraged that all swimmers who qualify for the meet attend.

Updated entries for the EEX Miles, Middies and Minis Meet are being submitted Thursday morning at 6am. Registration is currently open on our website through midnight tonight. If you would like to change the events that you are currently signed up for, or need to remove you swimmers from a session/day, please email myself and your lead coach ASAP.  NOTE – We will not know if our entries to the meet are accepted until after the updated version is submitted on Thursday morning.

All information about the 2018 FOBY Summer Session, including dates, practice locations, schedule and pricing is now posted on our website. I have also attached the summer practice schedule to this newsletter. Summer session is a continuation of training from Spring Clinic that culminates in summer Long Course Championship Meets at NJ Swimming Silver/Bronze and Junior Olympics, as well as YMCA Long Course Nationals. Please commit, either yes or no, to this session by no later than Sunday 5/27/18. Once all of the commitments are finalized, the coaches will put together the training groups and I will email them out to the team during the week of Monday 5/28 – Friday 6/1. It is not possible for us to properly, and fairly, place your swimmers where they will best succeed until we have finalized all of the commitments. Registration will be available at the front desk of the Freehold YMCA starting Tuesday 6/5/18.

Are you interested in SAT & ACT Prep Classes held at the Y? Please see the flyer on our website for more information.

***PARENTS – When picking up your swimmer(s), please do not wait in the fire zone at either the Old Bridge or Freehold YMCA***


Upcoming FOBY Events:

Sunday 5/20 – OCY IM Extreme Meet @ Ocean County YMCA

Saturday 6/2 – EEX Miles, Middies & Minis Meet @ TCNJ

Friday 6/8 – Sunday 6/10 – SVY LC Cup @ Princeton


Upcoming FOBY Birthdays (5/9-5/15):

James Gordon – May 9th (15)

Coach Kelly Barruffe – May 10th

Sabrina DiMaggio – May 10th (13)

Kee Yoon Hahn – May 10th (15)

Damiano DiMaggio – May 11th (15)

Brianna Lancha – May 11th (17)

Damian Lech – May 12th (16)

Emily Black-Wright – May 13th (9)

Joseph Lombardi – May 13th (15)

Coach Bobby Bartus – May 15th