Change of Date for Savannah Trip

Updated 5/9/18

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We have had to make some changes to our June Travel Meet… The Savannah pool is no longer available for the meet that was planned so we have had to take a look at the available meets that week and the week before.  Our goal was to find a similar prelim final meet.

The meet we  have elected to go with is also in Savannah, but the week before, hosted by Savannah Swim Team (SST). This is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday meet.


One of the changes is that the 11-12 swimmers are not in the same session as the 13&Over swimmers.  We are not going to be able to take 11-12 swimmers on the travel portion of this trip, but should they wish to swim in the meet they can still sign up and travel with a parent.  With this change, the meet is also available to our 10&Under swimmers on Saturday and Sunday should they wish to attend with their parents.


The meet is timed final for all 12&Under swimmers (afternoon session).  13-14 swimmers have AB Finals and 15&Older swimmers have AB Finals.  There are Prelims/Semis/Finals for all 13&Older 50s of stroke over multiple days.  No Relays :(.


I’ve updated the GCAT Travel Trip Event on our website to the SST Travel Trip.  A new meet letter and meet file have been uploaded.  If you cannot attend, please log in and remove your swimmer prior to May 18th.  For swimmers that are undeclared, please log in and declare yes or no for this trip (along with all other meets).  We are looking to see all of our team committed or declined, with no one in limbo on their meet declarations.


Still working on the details about possibly training in Georgia on Thursday, so I’ll update our itinerary as I get more information.


With how close the meet is to the Bolles weekday meet (June 7-8), and the fact we are training long course that week at Episcopal, we are changing that Bolles meet to purely optional.  Swim this meet if you've missed some meets or cant go to the training meet.