Final Notes before AWAY Meet AT Marinwood

One more small pool, early morning away meet and then we get to bring it back home!  This week we travel North to see our Marinwood neighbors for a rollicking good time with a great group of people.  We'll have a lot of really good races, and a lot more space to enjoy them in!  Oh, but there isn't a climate-change sceptic in this bunch...the Waterdevils are out to be the GREENEST team in the league with a policy of BYOWB (bring your own water bottle, that is)...they don't sell bottled water.  And don't forget Monday is our BIG DAY...the Lap-a-thon is almost here!!  We've still got a lot of fundraising to do to meet our goal, and 'um meeting goals is really important to swimmers!

Final Reminder:  Lap-A-Thon is Monday!

Time to reel in those final donations!!  We are getting closer to our goal, but we still have a long way to go...if you haven't had a chance to raise donations yet, please do.  Let's all feel good about contributing to OUR TEAM.  The money raised through the Lap-A-Thon helps cover our operating expenses like COM pool time, Saturday practice time, coaches salaries, insurance and scholarships.  Remember, the Lap-A-Thon coincides with our NEW Practice Schedule.  Come to REDWOOD during your scheduled practice time (COM BLUE, during REDWOOD 8 & Under Blue practice time) and have FUN with this carnival like event with music, snacks and prizes!  Here's the schedule for the afternoon of fun, fun, fun! 

Practice Group Time Duration Lap Goal
8 & Under Blue
  3:50 - 4:20
  30 min
30 laps
8 & Under Gold
  3:50 - 4:35
  45 min
40 laps
9-10 Blue
  4:35 - 5:20
  45 min
40 laps
9-10 Gold
  4:20 – 5:20
   1  hour
50 laps
11 & Ups 
  5:05 - 6:30
1 hr 25 min
60-100 laps
High School
  5:05 - 6:30
1 hr 25 min
60-100 laps
Early 11 +'s
  5:20 - 6:20
1 hour
60-100 laps


Marinwood:  What to Bring, and Warm-ups at 7:30am

Definitely enough space to feel comfortable at Marinwood, and even see the pool from our tents and lounge chairs that we set up on the hill behind the pool.  We'll bring a couple of large Tidalwaves tents to mark our territory, hopefully better than we did last week (what can we say, it was the first away meet)...  Click here to get the address and read more notes provided for us by their team...And like I said in the all important opening, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLES...they won't be selling any.

Volunteer Check In

We will have Jolene Egan as our check-in volunteer at the meet.  Find her at the timers meeting to check in if you are a timer, or at the ribbons desk at the start of the breaststroke if you are a ribbons volunteers.  For first half stroke and turn judges, there will be a meeting at 7:30 with Marinwood head referee--listen for announcements.  The meetings are usually held under the scoreboard on the opposite side of the pool from the blocks.  For first half timers, there will be a meeting at 7:30am.  There is also a meeting after the backstroke for all second half timers.  Listen carefully for announcements, but they believe it will take place at roughly 10:30.

Where Should Swimmers Check In?

Follow the brick wall to the corner of the pool where the grassy area meets with a small shed.  Our age group coordinators will be stationed along the wall here and will be happy to see all of our ready to go swimmers at roughly 7:15!

Heat Sheets and Relays

Please click here to find the heat sheets for the meet along with that all important Heat/Lane Report by Swimmer (all girls listed first alpabetically by last name, then boys).  Additionally, since this is a dual meet you will also find RELAYS next to the Heat/Lane Report.  All age group relay teams are made up of two boys and two girls.  Swimmers earn spots on relay teams based on their times.  Please review these relay teams carefully.  Also note that relays appear on the Heat/Lane report as well and the number next to the Heat and Lane represents the swimmers position on the team...i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.  

What do Relay Swimmers Need to Know...Especially FREE RELAY Swimmers?

While we did our best to try and figure out notes, it is entirely possible that your child has been placed in a relay that s/he will not be able to make.  If this is the case, PLEASE notify our head Age Group Coordinator for the day, Rachel Verby ( ASAP so that she may begin working with coach Marie to find a replacement.  

We hope that everyone can remember to notify Rachel Verby ( ahead of time if your child cannot be in a relay, and in the event that you have an emergency that causes you to have to leave early from the meet, that you please notify an age group coordinator before you leave.

Relay swimmers age 14 and Under - Please make sure you check in with the Age Group Coordinators Saturday morning.  They need to know you are at the meet!

15-18 relays will be made by coach Marie on Saturday, once she knows for sure who is there.  All high school age swimmers should check in with Marie as soon as they arrive at the meet, but no later than 7:45am.

What if my child is not listed on the Heat Sheets?

While all of us who work with the computer folks from around the league try to do our best not to make any mistakes in setting up meets, the truth is that mistakes do happen almost every meet.  However, our goal is to do the best we can to fix any mistakes we make as soon as we can.  If you notice that your child was inadvertently left off the heat sheets, please notify Liz Foley as soon as possible. 

What if my child is listed on the Heat Sheets but won't be able to Swim Afterall?

Please just let Liz Foley and Rachel Verby know if your child will not be at the meet--this being a 5 lane pool, we're hoping not to have too many.