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Time Trials Reg Deadline is Tomorrow, Family Folders, and other info!!!

Hi Stingrays,


Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 12th is your last chance to sign up for Time Trials.  If your swimmer plans on participating, make sure to sign him/her up if you have not already done so.  Remember to sign in to your account before you try to register your swimmer.  You can’t register unless you sign in first. 


As Time Trials only involves the Stingrays, you may set up anywhere on the grass you would like.  At all future home meets, the visiting team will set up on the short side of the grass and the Stingrays will set up on the long side of the grass.


Please note that for those swimmers trying to achieve their County/Gold times, times from Time Trials do not count.  Gold times must be achieved at regular meets/invitationals.  Gold times will not earn a gold cap at Time Trials.


Note that there will not be a snack bar available at home meets.  Please bring a lot of healthy snacks and water to keep your family well energized and  hydrated.  


Team and individual photos will take place before Time Trials begins.  Team pictures will be taken in their team t-shirt and dark shorts.  Please make sure to bring a pair of dark shorts for your swimmer to wear for the team photo.  The t-shirts will be handed out the morning of time trials.  Please swing by the t-shirt table and get your t-shirt as soon as you arrive so that your swimmer may get ready for the team pictures.  Individual photos are usually taken in the swimmers’ team suit but it is your choice what they wear. 


If you are volunteering, please make sure to check in at the volunteer check in table with Cyndee Bogard.  This table will be set up on the cement at the corner of the pool where the long and short sides of the grass connect.  If you have a sub working for you, make sure they know where to check in and that they tell Cyndee that they are subbing for you so that you get credit for the job being done.   


Here is a ROUGH schedule for Time Trials, Saturday May 19th.  Please be patient as the first meet of the year always has kinks that need to get worked out!  The schedule also will depend on how efficiently we are able to get team and individual photos completed.

  • 6:45AM:  Photographer arrives to set up on deck
  • 7:30AM:  Swimmers and families arrive.  Unless you have a specific job/assignment for meet set up, YOU MUST ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOORS—PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SNEAK IN THROUGH THE SIDE GATE!
  • 7:30-7:40ish:  Individual photos/buddy photos begin
  • 8:00ish:  Team photo begins and individual photos are finished
  • 9:00ish:  Meet begins​


What You Need for Saturday  - Your swimmer!  Dark colored shorts for your swimmer, swim cap and goggles (it's always good to have extra on hand), plenty of towels, sunblock, your equipment to set up your camp (don't forget that tarp or waterproof blanket as the grass is often wet in the early morning) a sharpie to write your swimmers events and lots snacks and water to keep those kiddos from getting thirsty, hungry and or cranky! 


Family Folders:  Everyday on deck, the coaches will put out rolling carts that have file folders.  Each family has their own folder.  Other than email, this is our primary way to communicate with the families.  Please check the file folder daily to see if there are any announcements.  A day or two after swim meets, the swimmer’s awards/ribbons will also be placed in the family folders.  Your picture order forms are in now in the family folders.  Please complete the order form and enclose the exact amount for the desired package and bring the envelope with payment to time trials to turn in.  The photographer does not carry change for picture orders.  When the photos are ready, they will be placed in your family folder.  If you swam last year, please make sure to check your family folder and clean out anything from last season that is still in there.  Whatever is not cleaned out, including awards, will be thrown away.


For new swim families, here are some tips to help you through your first meet.  It will be confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it.


  • The night before each meet, a meet sheet will be emailed to you.  This will tell you what events your swimmer is swimming.  The coaches decide what events your swimmer will swim.  Click   here  to learn how to read a meet sheet.  It can be helpful if you print out the meet sheet and bring it with you to the meet.  Highlight your swimmer’s events/heats/lanes on the meet sheet.  It is also helpful if you use a sharpie marker to mark your swimmer’s hand/arm as the “learn how to read a meet sheet” form instructs you.  Time Trials is only to get individual times.  There will be no relays at Time Trials.  
  • For 6/unders and 7/8’s, the junior coaches will serve as shephards and help to organize them and get them to the starting blocks.  About 15 minutes before the younger swimmers are scheduled to swim, the junior coaches will begin to organize all of the kids according to age/gender and deliver them to their lanes to swim.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DELIVER YOUR SWIMMER TO THE APPROPRIATE JUNIOR COACHES.  The coaches do not have time to look for your swimmer so make sure you are paying attention to when the coaches begin assembling the younger groups of swimmers.   The 6/unders and 7/8’s take off from the side of the pool opposite the starting blocks.  All other age groups take off from the side of the pool with the starting blocks. 
  • For swimmers 9/10 and older, it is their/your responsibility to get them to the starting blocks on time.  Typically plan on getting them to the starting blocks no later than when the age group before them is getting ready to swim their heats.  Start times will not be delayed because a swimmer is not at the blocks; the swimmer will just miss their heat and not get a chance to compete. 
  • Bring a lot of towels.  It will be cold in the morning.  Including warm ups, your swimmer will be in and out of the water up to 6 times at Time Trials.  It is helpful to have a dry towel after every event.  Bring sweat bottoms and tops or a swim parka to keep warm between events. 
  • The grass may be wet so it can be helpful to have a small tarp to set up camp and chairs to sit.  A lot of families bring tents, blankets, or sleeping bags (along with a collapsible wagon to carry their gear in), but you can decide what you want to invest in as the season progresses. 
  • Time Trials usually goes fairly quickly but meets can be long.  You may end up waiting 30 – 90 minutes between events for your swimmer.  Bring a lot of healthy snacks in a cooler and entertainment to keep your swimmers fed and occupied between events. 

Thanks for reading this very long email!!!

Please remember to have a positive attitude for your swimmer!  They are all trying their best and working so hard!!!