Volunteer signups and meet declarations

This email was sent to all 2018 swimmers on Saturday May 12, 2018.  If your child is swimming and the email was not received, please email

Dear  Barracuda  Parents,

The 2018 volunteer  sign ups will open at 8 am Tuesday May 15th.  Between now and then, we ask that you please read the updated volunteer information posted on the website, including the job descriptions, as there are some changes this year.  If there is a position you are interested in that requires training, please let me know when signing up and we are happy to get that planned for you.

When sign ups open, you may access them by visiting the team website and logging in.  All of the meets are listed on the homepage or you can click the Events tab.  From there, you can click the Edit Job Signup button next to the meets for which you would like to  volunteer

We are asking that families with one swimmer commit to four volunteer shifts, and families with two or more swimmers commit to five volunteer shifts.  There are some jobs that last the whole meet and will count for two shifts.  All practice meet shifts count for one shift and last the duration of the meet.

NEW THIS SEASON: We are asking you to declare your swimmer(s) for meets.  When you are in the events signing up, please also click the Attend/Decline button to let us know if your swimmer(s) will be attending the meet.  This has to be done separately for each meet and each swimmer.  If your swimmer is not marked Commited they will not be entered in the meet.  This response can be changed any time up to 3 days prior to the meet (Monday meets will close Friday prior at midnight, Thursday meets will close Monday prior at midnight).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at  I will also be on the pool deck for 6 and under practice through the beginning of 9/10 practice on Monday and Wednesday.

Thanks for all your help!

Erin Baird - Barracuda Volunteer Coordinator