LCSC Coho Update May 14, 2018

LCSC Coho Update   14 May 2018

Schedule Update
Week of May 14: 
All practices to run as scheduled.
Week of May 21: All practices to run as scheduled through Thursday.
Friday-Monday, May 25-28: Memorial Day Weekend; all practices canceled.
Week of May 28: All practices resume as scheduled on Tuesday, May 29.

Racing Update
May 18-20     Cruisin’ Into Summer @ EMU

            28 Cohoes will attend the “season opener” for the long course season.  Remember to count your strokes at practice and be prepared for the physical change of the playing field!
May 19-20     2018 USSC Mayhem SCM
14 Cohoes, including several attending their first USA Swimming races, represent the team at Stoney Creek HS this weekend.  We’re looking for great starts to all of the races and the summer season opening!
June 15-17    2018 DRD Freeze or Fry 
                       2018 OLY Swimming Long Course Summer Classic
Entries are soon to close for both of these events.  All swimmers are encouraged to sign up for the DRD meet; experienced Cohoes may sign up for the OLY meet.  Coaches will attend all sessions at DRD, but only limited sessions at the OLY meet.  Coaches will contact athletes regarding these meet selections prior to the entry deadlines.
June 29-July 1  2018 Stars and Stripes ABC Swimvitational
            A fun event at a great outdoor pool (MSU).  All Coho swimmers are invited to sign up for a day or two or three!

LCSC Coho Team Community Service Event
During the week of June 18, Coho swimmers will provide the City of Livonia with an excellent community service: volunteering to teach a week of free swimming lessons for the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  At the City’s outdoor pools (Shelden, Clement Circle, and Botsford), four to five Coho swimmers will share their knowledge of aquatic skills with community residents, increasing water safety awareness and the fun of being able to swim.  Members of the Senior and Platinum Groups are welcome to assist in the community effort. Congratulations to all Cohoes making this a successful team community service event!

Equipment Reminder
Each group has specific equipment to enhance their training. Most equipment is available through Making Waves’ online store (“MW” icon is on team website and takes you to the team store). 
Bronze, Silver, Gold: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis Positive Drive Fins, Finis Agility Paddles, Finis Freestyle Snorkel.
Platinum, Senior: Finis Alignment Kickboard, Finis Positive Drive Fins, Finis ISO Paddles, Finis Freestyle Snorkel, Finis Drag-and-Fly Parachute. 
Swimmers may consult with coaches to discuss any questions regarding equipment selection.

Have a great week!
Your Coho Coaching Staff