May 14th, 2018 Scout Newsletter

Scout Aquatics E-Newsletter

May 14, 2018


Congrats to all our swimmers at the MMSC meet at the Rec Plex.  The biggest time drops came from Eleanor De Dolph (dropped 27 seconds in the 100 breast), George Gorelik (23 second drop in the 100 back), Mackenzie Tanksley (61 second drop in the 800), and Sydney Vega (24 second drop in the 50 fly)!  Special congrats to our swimmers of the meet:

8 and under: George Gorelik and Joshua Kim

9-10:  Matthew Kim and Isabel Vavrinek

11-12:  Giselle Koonce and Kelsey Lee

13 and over:  Mackenzie Tanksley and Maya Haubrich

Water polo is done!  We have a normal week of practice this week.  Please check along with the attached May and June calendars for practice times (or on the Google calendar).  There is ONE more water polo game disruption (tonight), so make sure you check practice times daily.  This week we change our practice times up 15 min now that water polo is getting out of the pool. 

We are helping with the GLASA Great Lakes Games over the weekend.  The swim meet begins at 2p.  Volunteers can sign up on the GLASA website to officially help out.  Come by and get inspired on Saturday, May 19th

We have 2 June meets available to the whole team.  A prelim/Final meet at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. hosted by BSC, and our team travel meet to IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN, hosted by the JAGS.  Entries will close soon, so sign up ASAP. 

Please remember (per USA Swimming rules), no parent may enter the locker rooms when swimmers are present.  If your swimmer needs help, please use the adult locker room.  In turn, swimmers may not use the adult locker rooms for their own safety.  Please make sure to bring your belongings out on deck and place them on the benches outside the locker room doors.  This will help in preventing theft or destruction of property. 

In practice this week:

We are now getting into building strength!  Parents, make sure to ask your swimmers what they learned at practice today. 

Birthdays:  This week we have 2 birthdays.  Happy birthday to….

Alexia Akintade (12) and Theodore LaCasse (10)


Upcoming Events   

Saturday, May 19: LFHS is helping to run the GLASA Regional games.  The swim meet starts at 2p if anyone wants to spend some time checking out this great event. 

Friday-Sunday, May 25-27: PAC hosts the Memorial Day Melee at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL.  Qualifying time standards at a minimum of B.  Entry deadline is April 21st

Friday-Sunday, June 15-17:  BSC hosts the Stars on the Water Prelim/Final at the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI.Entry deadline is May 16th

Friday-Sunday, June 22-24: JAGS host the Summer Invite.  This is our team travel meet!  Entry deadline is May 27th

Contact us:

Head Coach, Carolyn Grevers  (o) 847-582-7339                                Email:

Question for Head Age Group Coach (LTS, JS, JSP), Flo Burke       Email:

Club President: Shane Koonce                                                                  Email:

Officials Rep: Marilyn Wieland                                                                Email:

Scout web site:

Freestyle - One Goggle Breath

By Genn Mills, GoSwim Video of the Week, May 3, 2018




If you're looking for more specific freestyle breathing videos... here are more than 100 to look through


Here's a compilation of clips that give an indication why it's so important to see only ONE google when the swimmers are breathing.


Why do it:

While it's not always the case, for developing swimmers, a standard for detecting a balanced body and proper positioning, is to look for one goggle showing during a breath.


How to do it:

This is an observation exercise. While coaching, walk around the pool and watch your swimmers. How many are actually showing only one goggle on every breath? Which ones are you barely able to detect a breath?


How to do it really well (the fine points):

The REAL reason behind a single goggle breath is about body balance. This great swimmer, Adam Ritter, lifts his torso just a bit to get his breath. Even after all we've seen from above, we can see a slight issue with his head lifting, and his lead hand pressing to maintain that elevated position.


The real question is, unless your swimmers look THIS good above water... What do they look like UNDER water?

No Pain, No Brain Gain: Why Learning Demands (A Little) Discomfort

By Mary Slaughter and David Rock,, May 2018


Remember being in middle school and preparing for an exam? Chances are you spent your study time paging through your class notes or rereading the textbook. Maybe you highlighted important details as you went.


We now know this is a pretty terrible way to study. You might’ve felt like you were absorbing the information, but you probably forgot most of it a few weeks after the test. In cases like these, you’re falling for what psychologists call “fluency”–you have a grasp of the information while you’re looking at it on the page. It feels good, easy, and reassuring. But that fluency doesn’t translate to actually recalling what you learned later on, let alone any change in skills or behavior.


Learn more





Why Talented People Don’t Use Their Strengths

By Whitney Johnson, Harvard Business Review, May 08, 2018


If you watched the Super Bowl a few months ago, you probably saw the coaches talking to each other over headsets during the game. What you didn’t know is that during the 2016 season, the NFL made major league-wide improvements to its radio frequency technology, both to prevent interference from media using the same frequency and to prevent tampering. This was a development led by John Cave, VP of football technology at the National Football League. It’s been incredibly helpful to the coaches. But it might never have been built, or at least Cave wouldn’t have built it, had it not been for his boss, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the NFL.


When McKenna-Doyle was hired, she observed that a number of her people were struggling, but not because they weren’t talented — because they weren’t in roles suited to their strengths.


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