SCAT Awards
Thanks to all who attended our banquet Thursday evening.  We hope it delivered an evening of camaraderie, fun, recognition and great tacos!  Although we offer an award presentation, we hope families understand we encourage ALL team members to attend.  It is truly a big, fun team dinner!  We are so thankful to our volunteers (Rosie & Katie Rausch, Michele Seymour, Anty & Pittenger) for the beautiful Aloha theme.  We trust our families got some great pictures.
As coaches, we take inventory of what worked and what didn’t and how we can better educate our families for the future.  Considering we are a competitive swim team, our goal is to create a safe environment for athletes to train and compete, set and achieve goals, and make great friends along the way!
It is our job to create the safe training environment, but we shift the responsibility of goal setting towards the swimmer.  To help an athlete do this we offer different types of recognition at the banquet, some based on performance, but others based on participation and efforts towards becoming a well-rounded swimmer. 
We recognize swimmers in the following categories:
All swimmers that attended at least one meet
Iron Man
National Time Standard Achievers
SCAT Team Level Awards
State Qualifiers
Sectional/Jr National Qualifiers
Years with the team
I must admit we send this list reluctantly as these are certainly NOT the only ways to measure a successful season. 
When your swimmer started with SCAT, we advised you to start with a practice commitment.  This is what we believe is the best initial indicator of success in anything – you must show up!  So if you’re swimmer is in their 1st or 2nd year in competitive swimming, regular attendance at practice and entering one meet per quarter is a success.  This is where any swimmer must start.  This is why this year we added the recognition category of “Attending at least one meet!”
Once you have a year or so under your “belt”, the awards listed above are great ways to help your swimmer set personal goals that will advance them toward higher levels of competition.  I have listed them in the order that would make sense to work towards.
Measuring success, or even defining success, is subjective; so we ask that you use these as guidelines as you help your swimmer set goals.
This message may feel like a day late, and maybe it is, but we do discuss these items at the initial parents meeting in the very beginning of the year.  We know there is much information distributed at that time, that this may not all register.  We send it now, after the short course season and the banquet as we believe it starts to make more sense once your swimmer has been with the team for a year.  It also helps to start planning for next year and the long course season.   Any meets from this point forward will count towards our banquet/recognition for next year!  The SCAT 2017-2018 season officially ends July 31st, 2018  this year, but your long course meets will count towards the 2018-19 season for awards!
I will send explicit definitions of the Iron Man, National Time Standard Achievers and SCAT Team Level Awards in a separate email.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this lengthy explanation.  We hope it helps!
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