Masters Meet Tomorrow!!!

Good evening everyone! 


A reminder that our Masters Meet and Record Change-out are tomorrow afternoon! The Masters Meet starts at 10 am (9 am warm-up), and our record change-out will take place after. We expect to be done with the meet around 12:30, so anyone interested in viewing our record change-out should arrive at 12:15. Rudi will be volunteering at the meet, and after the meet conclusion will share some of his thoughts about Nationals. We are so grateful he has agreed to not only volunteer, but speak and inspire our younger swimmers. 


The PenBay YMCA is offering a Faster and Fitter Clinic, for more info check our last newsletter out! This has dates, prices, and times for all athletes. 


Our Bluefish program will offer a clinic of our own design the second week in August. More info to come!


We hope to see you all tomorrow!