May 14 - news

May 14 - NEWS

  1. There will be a few “new/old” faces on deck.

Miranda Leggett is going to be coaching again with us. Miranda has coached with us before. She will be spending time with the Dolphin and the Bronze groups. Her focus with the Dolphin group will be getting the swimmers that are close to moving up to the Bronze group prepared for that move; understanding the skills, drills, and routines of the next group. Her focus with the Bronze group will be working with the swimmers that need a little extra attention to keep up with the group. Miranda is a multiple time Y National qualifier and Y State record holder.

Maggie Werba will be back with us for about 3 weeks. Maggie will be working with the Silver group most of her time back. Maggie is a YMCA National Champion and an Olympic Trials qualifier.


  1. Meet / Camp sign-ups

Meet sign-ups have been posted for

  1. Friday Night 50’s in Green Bay (SCY) June 8 – Deadline for sign-up May 30
  2. Fond du Lac SOS in Fond du Lac (LCM) June 15 - Deadline for sign-up May 30
  3. FCY Summer Classic in Appleton (LCM) June 16 - Deadline for sign-up May 30
  4. Fairfax Invite in Eau Claire (LCM) June 23-24 - Deadline for sign-up May 30
  5. OSHY v FSC v SPS Tri Meet in Fond du Lac (LCM) – July 6 - Deadline for sign-up June 25
  6. WGLO in Brown Deer (LCM) – July 6-8 - Deadline for sign-up May 30
  7. Sunset on the Summer in Fond du Lac (LCM) – July 21-22 - Deadline for sign-up July 10
  8. Middle School Camp – Aug 13-18 - Deadline for sign-up May 31

Yet to be posted

  1. OSHY v SSTY dual in Brown Deer
  2. 12 + Under State
  3. 13 + Over State
  4. Central Zone – families sign up directly on the WI Swimming web site.

Unlike the winter season where the meets are spread out over 6 months, the vast majority of the long course meets are packed into a 6-7-week period. There is a description of each meet posted when you go to sign up. Long course swimming is different than short course swimming. Swimmers need experience to be successful. Get signed up.

  1. Periodically I will try to share some thoughts that we are working on in practice or that the coaches talk about when we meet and discuss the direction of each group.
  • Kicking is THE skill in swimming. Along with physical and emotional maturity the ability to kick at the next level is the key to moving from group to group. The Bronze group kicks much better than the Dolphin group, the Silver group kicks much better than the Bronze group, and the Gold group kicks much better than the Silver group. Kicking provides propulsion with minimal increase of drag. Drag increases exponentially with speed, meaning that at slow speeds drag doesn’t factor into the equation much, but at fast speeds drag plays a huge role. Think about the design of a pick-up truck verses a race car. The shape of a pick-up truck doesn’t factor in drag much because pick-up trucks aren’t designed with speed as the primary function. The shape of a race car is designed with speed in mind, so a race car is much more streamlined than the pick-up truck. Think about fish. The power comes from behind. Think about powerboats. The power comes from behind.
  • In the Silver and Gold groups we are making a concerted effort to be better athletes. Better runners, better jumpers, better at coordinating movements. Multiple times per week we have been running, doing somersaults, jumping, diving, pull-ups, squats…all in an effort to be more athletic.
  • Streamline dolphin kicking is the number one reason swimmers are faster today than they were 10+ years ago. Streamline dolphin kicking, done well, is faster than swimming with arms. To be a better dolphin kicker a swimmer need flexibility, breath control, and lots and lots of repetition. Realistically improving as a dolphin kicker takes long time, months and years. Initially a swimmer will be slower doing it but overtime will dramatically increase their long-term potential. Developing a powerful dolphin kick often means one step back to enable multiple steps forward in the future. Not developing a dolphin kick can mean one step forward initially and then no more steps forward in the future.