Episcopal May Madness Meet Information (Individual Entries, Psych)

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Episcopal May Madness Meet Information


Friday - Sunday

May 25-27, 2018


Episcopal School of Jacksonville

4455 Atlantic Blvd

Jacksonville, FL


Meet Specific Information

Please pack shade/rain protection and a chair.  There isn’t much covered area at Episcopal.  There is a high chance of rain on Sunday, please be prepared.

Swimmers have been instructed to be in their tennis shoes the entire meet, not flip flops.  Please help enforce this prior to the drive over.

Also, please make sure you are in the correct Storm attire through the meet.

If you are in a distance event, please make sure you have a timer/counter for your event.

A rough timeline has been uploaded to our website so you can get an idea of when the meet will end for you.


This is a non-tech suit meet.  Swimmers should focus on swimming their best times of this season as we prepare for our travel / championship meet season coming up.


Timed finals meet utilizing 8 lanes of the pool.  Lanes 9/10 will be available for warm up and warm down through the meet.


Since this is a LONG timeline meet if you are swimming any distance events, please be sure that you bring a snack/light meal with you.  Fruits, veggies, etc are great snack items and sources of energy through the meet.  


Warm Ups

Please be on time to all warm ups.  Arrive early enough to set up your team area and be behind the blocks BEFORE the time listed below.


Friday PM - All Ages - 3:50pm 


Saturday AM - 13&Older - 7:20am

Saturday PM - 12&Under - 1:45pm


Sunday AM - 13&Older - 7:20am

Sunday PM - 12&Under - 1:15pm


Team Attire

As usual, if you elect to wear a cap it MUST be a Storm Swim Club team cap.


Friday - Navy

Saturday - Yellow

Sunday - Royal