PTAC Challenge This Weekend at PU

Anyone swimming in the meet on Friday: be there by 4:45, session starts at 5:55pm

9/10s- be there by 6:45AM, session starts at 7:30am
11/12s- be there by 9:20am, session starts at 10:35am
13/O 400 IMs- be there by 2:05pm, session starts at 3:00pm
13/Os- be there by 3:55pm, session starts at 5:35pm

9/10s- be there by 6:45am, session starts at 7:30am
11/12s- be there by 9:10am, session starts at 10:25am
13/O 400 free- be there by 1:40, session starts at 2:25pm
13/Os- be there by 3:45pm, session starts at 5:00pm 

We have a timing assignment for Friday night and one for each session on Sunday.  I will email out the assignments towards the end of this week.  
Please make note of the time that the kids need to be there.  If they are not there by that time, please communicate to me via TEXT(I don't always have time to check my email while checking the kids in).   
Check your events through the On Deck app or through the website.  Make sure you know which days you are coming and if you are swimming a 400 for the 13/overs.