Sockeye Spring Open Meet Information

Below is the meet information, timeline, and psych sheet for the Sockeye Spring Open Meet this weekend at KCAC. 


Session 1 (Friday 400 free, 400 IM, 1500 free): 3 PM warm ups, meet starts at 4 PM.

Session 2 (Saturday 12&Under): 7:30 AM warm ups, meet starts at 8:30 AM.

Session 3 (Saturday 13&Over): 12:30 PM warm ups, meet starts at 1:30 PM.

Session 4 (Sunday 12&Under):  7:30 AM warm ups, meet starts at 8:30 AM.

Session 5 (Sunday 13&Over): 12:30 PM warm ups, meet starts at 1:30 PM.

Please keep in mind with positive check-in the timeline could be faster and the afternoon sessions could start a little earlier.


Positive Check-In:

The 50's are already seeded and do not require check-in. All other events require check-in and the deadline for those events are listed below.

Friday: 400 free: 3:00, 400 IM: 3:30, 1500 free: 4:00

Saturday AM: All 100's and 200's: 7:40 am

Saturday PM: All 100's and 200's: 10 mins after start of warm ups

Sunday AM: All 100's and 200's: 7:40 am

Sunday PM: All 100's and 200's: 10 mins after start of warm ups

Coaches can help with check-in, but it is the responsibility of the swimmer to make sure they check-in by the deadlines.

What to bring: Make sure to bring a suit, goggles, and swim cap as well as extra towels, food, water, and something warm (sweatshirt, parka, etc.).

Warm ups: Upon arrival, check in with a coach so they know you are there and can help you find the warm up lane.

Do we need to stay after events are done?: Once you have finished your last race you do not have to stay, but check in with the coach to make sure you are completely done.

How do I know when my swimmer is racing?: Heat sheets will be available for $5. Often times, parents write events, heats, and lanes on the swimmers arm so they have that info with them.

Meet Info: 




Psych Sheet:




Please contact Derek Frenzel if you have any questions.

coachderek@swimvast.org (208) 310-3317