May Home Meet Information

Hey Team! Please read through this to make sure you have all the info you need for this weekend.


Entries are final


    • Practice will run as normal on Friday & Monday. Please have your swimmers at practice this week. It is important!
    • Athlete entries, relay teams, & the timeline for the weekend are linked (and are also on the meet page).
    • Programs will be on sale at the meet if you would like to follow along.
    • RELAYS: Your relay team is counting on you to be at the meet! Please make every effort to be at the meet.
    • Session Warm-Ups at 9:00am: Please be on deck and ready to get in the water 10 minutes before warm-ups.
    • Volunteering times have been updated
    • We still have volunteer positions to fill! Linked here is what is signed up for (as of 5.15.18 at about 4pm) and what is open. Please sign up ASAP!
    • I have also attached an update on your required volunteering (as of 5.15.18 at about 4pm) if you complete what you are signed up for on Saturday.
    • If you have a RFSC shirt, please wear it so visiting teams know who we are and can ask for directions if needed. We do have our "vintage" gray shirts for sale in the pool office for $3.
    • We will have concessions on sale at the meet. I have linked a sign up to donate items. It is not required at all, nor does it count for your volunteer requirement. This simply helps us maximize our fundraising efforts by not having to spend as much club money on the food.
    • Sign up to purchase one thing or several. Quantities are in bulk Costco/Sam's Club style. Please bring them to practice Friday night.
    • If you do not want to go shopping or have a bulk membership, but would like to help, please feel free to donate and I will do the shopping!
  • FEES
    • Fees will be added to your account soon and will be automatically charged to your payment on file on June 1. Please be sure a payment method is on file. You are responsible for these fees regardless of if your swimmer swims or not - so please do your best to not miss the meet or an event.
    • Relays for our home meet are covered by the club.
  • SWIMMERS NEW TO COMPETING - A few notes & tips
    • Warm-ups are important and all swimmers need to be there for it.
    • This meet is short and quick, those new to competing should probably stay on the pool deck until they are done with their events so coaches can help them avoid missing an event.
    • Remind your swimmer to pay attention. Once behind the blocks, they should check in with the lane timer and then they need to make sure they make it into the correct heat.
    • Stay behind the timers until it is their heat and make sure to be quiet at the start of each race.
    • We will do "fly over starts" which means you do not get out of the pool at the end of your race the next race begins. The swimmer dives over the previous swimmer. (Except for backstroke events).
    • Between races, swimmers should cheer for their teammates at the shallow end of the pool!
    • Once your swimmer is done with all of their events, they can let a coach know they are going with a parent and are free to leave.


As always, if you have questions, please feel free to talk to us or email Coach Michael ( or myself (

Brenda K. Derks

River Falls Swim Club Admin