Volunteer Thanks/ Hours

 To all our amazing volunteers, THANK YOU for making this 2nd Annual Spring Invite a huge success! I think you all are starting to understand we cannot run a successful meet without ALL of your help (and then some!). 

Just a reminder, you want to CHECK YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS BALANCE! You only have one more oppportunity to fulfill your requirement this year at our June meet! To check your hours:

After logging in select My Account (left side), then $ My Invoice/Payment, select Service Hours Tab. This will show you all of the sessions you have worked as well as how many total you were required for the year (based on when you joined). If you scroll to the right you will see your balance. If there is a negative sign in front of your balance then the total showing is how many you have gone over the requirement (and you are good to go!). If there is not a negative sign then the balance showing is how many you will need to work at the June meet in order to avoid a fine! Any fines you occur count toward your balance. You will be fined after the June meet for any sessions not fulfilled for the year! (example if your requirement is 10 sessions for the year and you only worked 6 for the year you will be fined $50 per session for the balance of 4 sessions, or $200!). 

Any questions about your hours or sessions please let me know. Our volunteer coordinators do a great job of making sure everyone gets credit for working but we want everyone to look over their own accounts to double check. 

Thanks again Pike Families! We are looking forward to our Team Bonding Event this Saturday the 19th! Look for an e-mail with more details coming later this week! 

Jenny DiRuzza