Stingray Scoop 5/15/18
Hunterdon County YMCA
Stingray Scoop 5/15/2018

Dear HCY Swimmers & Families,

I hope you all are faring well in the weather. I hear there is more yet to come! Please stay safe and drive carefully.

We are officially half-way through the Spring Season! I am so proud of all of the kids and how they have been swimming so far. It hasn’t been easy to slow down and focus on technique, so I applaud them on all of their efforts. They are creating great habits to take into our longer, more challenging seasons. More importantly- they seem to be truly starting to understand the process, and trust that the mechanics of what they are learning will actually work. This is key- and it’s so great to observe.

We are loving to watch our new members of the team get to know everyone- and feel more comfortable in the water. The HCY Swim Family has big reach and wide arms to care for all of its members. We love to see new faces get mixed in with the familiar. A special thank you to our ever welcoming long-time members, you are the face and heart of our team and speak volumes to what a great team we are.


Our swimmers are doing a fairly good job remembering to complete their stretches before practice start, but I definitely think there is room for improvement. Stretching allows for us to prevent injuries and prep our bodies for practice. Please remind the kids of the importance of getting it done.



We have our GAAC Mayflower meet -5/19 and OCY IM Extreme meet- 5/20 coming up this weekend. I have attached entries for your convenience. We have timing assignments for the OCY meet- so please go on to our Team Unify site to sign up to volunteer.


Thank you for your timely registration into the SHY Long Course Invitational (Father’s Day Meet). Our entries have been accepted, and we are looking forward to this annual favorite. The meet is anticipated to end at 11:30am, and in past years they have been very punctual. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this meet.


I received notice yesterday that our entries for the BAC Friday Night at the Races meet were waitlisted. We anticipated this meet having a fairly difficult likelihood of entry, which was one of the driving factors behind adding the SHY Long Course Invitational.

With the EEX Miles, Middies, and Minnies, and SHY Long Course Invitational- we are attending an adequate amount of meets for our short Spring Season, and we are really excited to watch them compete!*If anyone would like to add entries to the SHY meet because of the waitlisted BAC meet, please reach out to your lead coach*

- I have also attached entry report for the EEX Miles, Middies, and Minnies- and SHY Long Course invitational for your reference.

- I am adding another meet –SVY JULY INDEPENDENCE this evening, because it will likely be sanctioned soon. This meet will take place during the Summer Season- so please use discretion with commitment.



Due to the GAAC meet on Saturday 5/19, there will be NO JUNIORS PRACTICE ON SAT 5/19

            - Seniors practice will run as scheduled.

Due to the OCY IM Extreme meet on 5/20, there will be NO SENIORS PRACTICE ON SUN 5/20

            - Juniors practice will run as scheduled.

- Seniors who are swimming in the GAAC Mayflower meet are permitted to make-up    practice Sunday 5/20 if they ARE NOT swimming in the OCY meet. Please contact Coach Kristen for more information.


There is a conflict with the Aquatics schedule for the first week of the Summer Season- which may result in us needing to amend the “Spring Schedule continuation.” I am working to resolve the issue, and will give you the information as soon as it’s available. It only effects Tues/Thurs. practices- and Flora has been very helpful with aligning our schedules to keep our kids swimming the proper amount. I will keep you posted.


Thank you all for your continued support and high spirits. Thank you for supporting your children in this great sport. We as coaches certainly love it- and are so happy to see the next generations following suit. As some of you may know, I was in my home state of Utah this last week (for 72 hrs.) for my sister’s wedding- all of my siblings in one place. I come from a swim family- every one of my siblings swam. I bragged about our team, our swimmers, our parents- I was so proud to tell them all about this amazing team. I am so honored to be a part of HCY- in all its ups and downs.  We’re in it together.


Upcoming HCY Events:

5/18- Team Picnic

5/19 – GAAC Mayflower Meet @ Germantown Academy

5/20 – OCY IM Extreme Meet @ Ocean County YMCA

6/3 – EEX Miles, Middies, and Minnies @ TCNJ

6/8-6/10 – SVY Long Course Cup @ DeNunzio Pool in Princeton, NJ

6/17- SHY Long Course Invitational Championships @ Pleasant Valley Pool


Upcoming HCY Birthdays:

Faith Hamilton      5/16     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jake Kopacz           5/16                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Anvi Fenn               5/19                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Anya Fenn              5/19                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Coach Nicole         5/21                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

HCY Swimming (@hcyswimming) is on Instagram! If you have any photos you’d like posted, please send them to me for review.