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BYST Bulletin - May

BYST BULLETIN – May 16, 2018


May Calendar / June Calendar Qualifying Standards / Meet Schedules


Reminder that all practices are cancelled this Saturday, May 19 and Monday, May 21 due to the May Long Weekend/Victoria Day. We are still running regular workouts on Friday, May 18. It’s important to attend as many workouts as possible this week and going into Regional Championships.


Senior and Age Group In-House Competition

We will be running an In-House Competition (like a time trial, but without limitations on number of athletes entered, plus no visiting teams are able to participate) on Wednesday, May 23 from 6-8pm for all Age Group and Senior swimmers. We will use practice time from 5-6pm as a warm up. This is geared towards swimmers attempting to attain Regional qualifying standards and that is our top priority. That said, everyone should race and will be permitted to enter in any two events. Two lanes will be open at all times for warm up and swim down. We will need volunteers:  12 timers, plus 6 strokes and turn judges. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tim Terrington at Please commit online and select your preferred events to be entered in (please note order of events). More information can be found HERE


BYST Team Photo

Team Photo Day will take place Monday, May 28. Please bring your grey long sleeve BYST shirt. The Senior photo will take place at 4:30pm, the Age Group photo at 5:45pm, the FULL Team photo at 6pm and the Jr. BYST photo shortly after 6pm. AG2 will swim from 4:30-6pm, alongside AG1. AG3 will get an extra practice from 6-7pm. Thank you to Pascale-Helene Coutu for taking the photo.


Car Wash and BBQ

Come out on Sunday May 27th from 10am until 2pm for the Belleville Youth Swim Team Car Wash at Bay Mazda Belleville! Car wash, BBQ and bake sale to fundraise for swimmers attending Canadian or Irish Nationals! Senior swimmers will wash and shine your car! Car Wash $5, BBQ $2-$3!

Show up to get your car washed and get the chance to win a free small, 3 topping pizza from Topper's Pizza in Belleville! There will be plenty of winners for the delicious pizza! Make sure to come out and support the team!


Meet Results

Welcome to LC and Eastern Canadian Open Results

CFB Kingston Results

Sherbrooke Invitational Results


Upcoming Meets

Senior and Age Group In House Meet (Wednesday, May 23)

Eastern Ontario Regional Long Course Championships (June 1-3)

Ontario Festivals (June 16-17)

BYST Fun Meet (Saturday, June 23)

Ontario Provincial Championships (June 28-July 1)

Ontario AA Championships (June 28-July 1)

Ontario Open Water Championships (Wednesday, July 4)

Burlington Outdoor Long Course Invitational (July 7-8)

Irish Age Group Nationals (July 25-29)

Canadian Jr. Nationals (July 25-29)


Swim-A-Thon -

We have raised over our goal of $7000! There is still time to fundraise as it doesn’t end until May 31. If you haven’t registered online, please do so ASAP. There are some Senior swimmers who still need to swim the 5km and will be doing so on Thursday, May 24 beginning at 5:30am (please try your best to get a counter that early).

For the top fundraisers, Coach Kristin will be allowing the Jr. BYST to select a game and a fun relay, plus help structure a warm up at a practice; Coach Joyce will offer a private one on one session with Age Group swimmers and Coach Brandon will race Senior/Age Group/Jr. BYST swimmers in a 25m freestyle at the end of the June Fun meet. We will also hold a 4 x 50 Free Relay for the adults to conclude the meet. Masters swimmers and parents are invited to join!


Irish Age Group Championships

It`s official, the BYST are headed to Dublin, Ireland this summer! We are 100 percent confirmed to attend the prestigious meet and it should be a monumental experience for those who participate. Please make sure your passport is up to date. We have tentatively arranged some accommodations at the Glencourt Apartments ( All qualifiers will receive an Irish token (more details will be available soon). So far we have 17 qualifiers in 77 events and we expect both numbers to grow further. Eastern Ontario Regional LC Championships will be the final opportunity to qualify. We will need a definitive commitment to attend Irish Nationals no later than June 5.


Cancelled Practices

Saturday, May 19 – due to May Long Weekend

Monday, May 21 – due to Victoria Day

Saturday, June 2 – due to Long Course Regionals

(Last day of regular season  programming is Wednesday, June 27)


Other Notes

  • We are looking into getting some pool time for Senior and/or Age Group swimmers at the Centennial Outdoor Pool,  instead of using the QSWC, in late June. Details will be sent out soon.

  • Save the date for the BYST Banquet:  Friday, June 22 at St. Teresa’s Secondary School

  • Bonus times for Provincials must now meet the “B” Age Group standard.

  • Former Jr. BYST Coach, Samantha Bardwell, is back home from university and volunteering her time with the Jr. BYST program. Please learn what you can from this great coach!

  • Camp Akomac for girls andCamp Chikopi for boys (Coach Brandon attended many, many years ago) are both great summer swim camps up in northern Muskoka. If you are looking for some extra swimming this summer, these are great options!

  • Coach Amy has been doing a fantastic job coaching AG3. Together with Joyce, the group is coming along nicely!

  • Coach Brandon will be taking over many Masters and Jr. Masters practices from now until the end of the season as Jordan is away and will be leaving the team soon.

  • If you are feeling artistic, maybe you want to design the Provincial Open Water Championships t-shirt. Details can be found HERE


90 Percent or Above Attendance in April

Cameron Aho, Ashley Allaire, Adrian Black, Francis Brennan, Lina Brennan, Lexy Buchanan, Rachel Burnett, Shayla Coe, Zoe Desjardins, Hudson Doling, Nathan Fisher, Tees Friar, Tyler Hawley, Owen Googe, Lilah Harvey, Logan Hicks, Kinsley Holoway, Leah Hudacin, Julia Isbester, Myles Jackson, Maddy Kort, Josh Lamoureux,Gavin Lessard, Quintin Lichty, Alexandra MacDonald, Jayden MacDonald, Brendan MacQuarrie, Lauren MacQuarrie, Maya McGrath, Fayrouz Mecky, Logan Moreau, Magdelan Mullins, Maeve Mullowney, Giri Nair, Mia Norohna, Jenna O’neil, Sophie O’neil, Juliana Pallet, Lauren Redden, Sebastien Reed, Mya Rezec, Ella Rickard, Nara Rickard, Nima Soleimani, Abbi Solomon, Neva Thapa, Astrid Van Zijl, Maisie Walsh, Austin Williams, Wesley Williams, Mackenzie Wilson, Catie Yep and David Zechel



Our Spring Session of the Jr. BYST program is off to a wonderful start! We had 19 Jr. BYST participate in swim-a-thon, with 12 swimmers completing over 100 lengths. A few weeks later, we had 11 Junior BYST compete in Kingston, who collaboratively took off over 224 seconds of time. In addition, we are thrilled to add 6 new swimmers to our roster of incredible athletes who we look forward to having compete and represent BYST at our home meet next month. We encourage all our Jr. BYST swimmers to attend our BYST season finale on June 23rd. Please commit online by June 12th here:

Any program related questions can be forwarded to coach Kristin at



Since our last update Age Group Swimmers have attended 3 meets.  April 13-15 we were in Nepean for the 2018 Welcome to Long Course meet with 21 swimmers. April 28-29 in Kingston  for the April Spring Splash 2018 at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre with 22 swimmers. May 4-6 in Sherbrooke, Quebec for the RBC Sherbrooke 50m and 25m meet with 5 swimmers attending the 25m meet and 11swimmers attending the 50m meet.  These 3 meets gave us 12 new Club Records, 5 new Regional Qualifiers and 1 new Festival Qualifier achieving 29 – 1st place, 22 – 2nd place and 14 – 3rd place finishes, 282 Personal Best Times out of 347 swims taking a total of 1,269.02 seconds or 21.15 minutes off.  Hard work and great attendance pay off.  Way to Go!!!

Congratulations to Tess Friar on moving up to Senior 2.  Tess has achieved this through hard work and being a lane leader.

Congratulation to all swimmers achieving 80% plus attendance in April:

Kenda Boldt, Zoe Bouma, Lina Brennan, Elizabeth Burnett, Shayla Coe, Nathan Fisher, Tess Friar, Ian Isbester, Julia Isbester, Myles Jackson, Madeleine Kort, Madeline Levesque, Ethan Li, Jayden MacDonald, Brendan MacQuarrie, Lauren MacQuarrie, Kiera McGrath, Karissa Manlow, Fayrouz Mecky,  Maeve Mullowney, Giri Nair, Lara Noronha, Mia Noronha, Sophie O’Neill, Ella Rickard, Carley Short, Abbi Solomon, Joseph West, Austin Williams, Ethan Williams, Mackenzie Wilson, Justin Zechel,

As our season begins to wind down we are faced with many obstacles such as spring and summer sports, warmer weather, etc. so our attendance begins to go down.  It is great to do other sports and have other interests other than swimming but please remember that we are coming up to our final championship meets and to make as many practices as you can, so you can end the season with a Bang.

We are having a Spring Time Trial on May 23rd at the pool from 5:00 to 8:00 pm for all Age Group and Senior Swimmers.  You will have the opportunity to swim 2 events and possibly get those Regional or Festival Times you are requiring.  Please sign up online ASAP.

Our final Championship meets are Eastern Ontario Regional LC Championship June 1-3 in Nepean, Ontario Summer Festivals June 15-17 in Markham and our BYST Season Finale June 23rd at home.   For any swimmers 12 & over who are interested in Open Water there is the Ontario Open Water Championships in Brampton July 4th.  We have added a new meet July 7-8 at the outdoor pool in Burlington which would be a great way to close out your year.

Please direct any Age Group related question to Joyce Downey at or text me at 613-661-7131.

Coach Joyce



The Senior swimmers have been magnificent to work with over the past month. We had to tackle quite a few new things and I believe the athletes are better off because of the challenges they faced. Back at Eastern Canadian Open in Windsor, the competitors had to race against some pool current and it drastically altered the results, particularly in the 50m events. Meanwhile, swimmers were racing well in Nepean, but an ice storm on the Sunday cut the meet short as many decided to leave a little early.

We then followed with a heavy mileage week and prepared to make the long journey to Sherbrooke. When we arrived to face competition from Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, the swimmers took off in the pool right away and never looked back. We had many amazing performances and the coaches were proud of how the swimmers executed their racing so well. It was a great experience for everyone who took advantage of the opportunity to race out of the Province.

Throughout the remainder of May, we plan to continue to work hard and take care of business at every workout. Currently, we are half way through a tough training cycle and it will be complete at the end of the week. The swimmers enjoyed a much needed yoga session Saturday morning and will continue to push themselves into the long weekend. We realize people are busy and the weather is getting nice, but please remember to keep up your commitment and attend as many practices as possible. We are heading into Championship season and we must remain focused in the water to achieve our desired performances!

Coach Brandon

(613) 661-SWIM (7946)


Rick’s Rant

Spring is in the air. Everyone is excited with the warmer, brighter days. The longer days also bring many other activities to do like soccer, track, and just being outside. We know swimming has one of the longest seasons going and you’re probably getting bored and tired. After all the hard work you’ve put in, it seems like a shame to skip practices and possibly lose all the endurance and technique that you have mastered over the season. If you feel the need to miss training, a run or extra work out would be a great way to keep up your endurance. The season is almost over and the more you put in now, the easier it will be when you start back next season.


Masters Provincial Championships

Congratulations to Maggie Morgan and Kim Isaak for representing the BYST/BMST at the Masters Provincial Championships in Barrie. Both swimmers raced well and will hopefully have more teammates join them at future competitions.